polycystic ovaries

order not to miss the disease, pay attention to irregular periods, long delays.These are the main symptoms of the disease.In polycystic ovaries a woman can not conceive a child.Why is this happening?Because ovarian maturation process is broken eggs instead to develop, they are "frozen".

Often this occurs in adolescence.Secondary polycystic ovaries may occur at a later age due to chronic inflammatory diseases.Menstruation had to wait a month, another.Cases and breaks up to six months.During the formation of ovarian function girl can not give much importance to such delays.At the same time concerned about oily skin, acne, greasy hair.These manifestations are charged to costs of puberty.

Time goes by, and do not disappear problems.Then suddenly can increase the weight by 8-10 kg, there is an extra "vegetation".

cause of the disease at a young age are stress, mental trauma experienced by a girl of 10-12 years of age.Encourage the development of the disease can be a respiratory infection.Provoke disease c

an and abrupt climate change.

happens that when polycystic women experience some pain.It can be painful periods.But there are not a lot of pain, and the patient delays visit to the doctor.Meanwhile, it is faster to apply to the gynecologist-endocrinologist and undergo a complete diagnosis.

For accurate diagnosis must be comprehensive examination - pelvic ultrasound in different phases of the cycle.Be sure to explore the daily urine for 17-ACS.Either do a blood test for testosterone, analyzes on hormones LH and FSH.And three times: in the first phase, then during ovulation and during the second phase.If the phase of the cycle is not expressed, with break tests are taken 7-10 days.

can track the phase itself.To do this in the morning, measure rectal temperature and draw graphics, which will reflect the process of egg maturation.If mid-cycle temperature is increased to 37 degrees and higher, it makes sense to consult with a physician.

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