How to treat sinusitis in adults

little unwell, unpleasant sensation in the nose, weakness ... Again cold.Here they are, the charm of the off-season and drafts.And yet, today as at any pharmacy selling assets that runny nose - is no longer a problem!

That's just whether it's cold?That is the question ...

Runny nose or sinusitis?

treatment of sinusitis, as well as any illness, begins only with the correct diagnosis.In some cases, only a doctor can determine the disease, prescribe treatment.The main thing - in time to see a specialist, a mistake not accepting the first signs of sinusitis with a common cold.(Identify the symptoms of sinusitis in adults, treatment and competent advice - all this in a doctor's competence).

Sinusitis - quite frequent disease.About 30 percent of all diseases of upper respiratory tract accounted for its share.Sinusitis - an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.The inability to fully breathe through the nose subsequently leads to inflammation of airway mucus, larynx dryness, which can lead to colds, bronc

hitis.Please be aware that sinusitis "in itself" (similar to the common cold) does not take place, the disease requires serious treatment.

And rhinitis, and sinusitis sick person feels:

  • impossibility of fully breathing, nasal congestion
  • a cold "nasal" voice
  • lack of smell and taste
  • increase
  • temperature, headache

Plusaround, the patient feels general weakness, gets tired quickly, can not stand prolonged physical exertion, there is swelling of the face.However, all these symptoms are very similar and those which accompany the initial stage of cold.Sinusitis has its own characteristic, "outstanding" its signs.

only in the sinus patient feels:

  • pain over the eyes, in the nose
  • heaviness in the head, especially evident when bending the head down, when coughing
  • pain when pressed with your finger on the sinuses

Attention should be paid andcolor secrete mucus.When a cold is more liquid, colorless, with sinus - yellowish-green, more viscous.

Sinusitis is important to start to heal immediately after the first signs, not to get his perspective on chronic, difficult to heal that much.Also, the formation of polyps in the nose, sinuses and upper jaw.

From diagnosis to recovery: how to treat sinusitis?

Traditional Medicine.

How to treat sinusitis in adults - on this issue, there are many answers, but to get competent advice from a specialist is best.

In medicine, there are several effective treatments for this disease.Doctors often cited as the most effective - puncturing the sinus with subsequent washing.For use furatsillina washing solution of boric acid and others.Then sinus administered preparations of solutions of antibiotics (e.g., chymotrypsin).This procedure takes place without any complications in the future - guarantee a large percentage of the patient's full recovery.Cured thus it is necessary to warm up the sinuses for colds, flu, rhinitis (even in the absence of signs of sinusitis).Also, the person should be protected from cold winds.

addition piercing sinuses, in traditional medicine is practiced medical treatment of sinusitis.This is often prescribed for sinus medications (in their order of application):

  • analgesics - relieve pain, acute symptoms, facilitate the patient's condition;
  • decongestants - reduce swelling of tissues (shoot another symptom);
  • antibiotics - just slow down the process or destroy the breeding of harmful bacteria;
  • antiviral drugs - apply if the cause of the disease virus infection (antibiotics are powerless).

all stages of medical treatment, medications and dosages prescribed by the doctor-otolaryngologist.Self-treatment (often it comes down to long-term removal of symptoms and discomfort) can cause harm to the patient.

Traditional medicine.

sinusitis treatment methods, "grandmothers" offers a lot of options.There are very effective ways that can quickly, and most importantly for all, to solve this problem.Apply them is too cautiously, not everyone may come.Here are some simple ways to treat at home.

nasal lavage with saline or a decoction of herbs.The method is really good, the main thing - to prevent the solution into the middle ear, or you may get more and otitis media.

Warming saline dressing.Salt bandage is applied on the forehead, sinus warms, it removes mucus.The method makes it very quickly if you do not cure sinusitis, then remove the discomfort and symptoms.The proven and warming black radish.This may also include treatment of hard-boiled eggs, and other methods based on warming up the sinuses.

Inhalation based on popular recipes.The most famous tool - potato steam.It is equally effective way - inhalation of propolis, honey, pine oil.

Many popular recipes really able to solve the problem of sinusitis.However, "protracted rhinitis" immediately contact your doctor: sinusitis - an insidious complications in their disease.

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