Celiac disease symptoms in children

Celiac disease - a disease whose main symptom is intolerance to gluten, the main protein gluten grains.

A reason for this is to change the structure of (damage to the villi and change their properties) and small bowel function in contact with food with gluten.Celiac disease are particularly susceptible children.

What is the risk of celiac disease?

In normal healthy human intestinal wall and the villi are covered with microvilli which increase the surface absorption of nutrients (namely, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, bioactive substances) from food.

patient with celiac disease, the following occurs.The body of the patient perceives gluten as a foreign harmful substance, and gluten-free immediately an immune response.If time does not pay attention for celiac disease, a chronic process that leads to the fact that these walls on the villi of the small intestine almost atrophy, intestinal mucosa becomes thin and flat, and the surface of nutrient absorption decreases accordingly.

All nutrients and nutrients are no longer absorbed through the intestinal wall.As a result, it actually leads to malnutrition, exhaustion and frustration of all body functions.

celiac disease can be identified at any age: from the moment it is only in the child's diet appear to cereal and more mature years, and gluten intolerance can be detected even by those who use food grains throughout life.However, celiac children reveals 20 times more frequently.

disease is congenital, although the gene responsible for this teaching is not found.At the same time, doctors clearly identified genetic predisposition to celiac disease.This is confirmed by the fact that gluten intolerance among the closest relatives occur 10 times more frequently than in the general population.

What are the symptoms of celiac disease?

First of all, in people with celiac disease diarrhea occurs by ingestion of gluten in the intestines, vomiting, and among the common symptoms - fatigue, weight loss, an increase in the size of the stomach and pain in it, in children - growth retardation.Depletion of the body is manifested in the form of symptoms, at first glance, have no apparent connection with problems of digestion of gluten.For example, it may be amenorrhea, unexplained anemia nature, beriberi and mineral deficiency, allergies, disease, infertility, and various other disorders in the human organism.

should be noted that celiac disease is not always clearly expressed, there are asymptomatic forms of the disease, so diagnosis can be made reliably only on the basis of a biopsy with endoscopy of the small intestine, combined with the positive results of laboratory tests for celiac disease.

treatment of celiac disease - gluten-free diet

Moreover, lifelong diet.And it is the only existing in the current method of treatment of celiac disease, though very effective.

For almost a few days after the onset of dieting are usually negative symptoms, tests normalized, and restores the normal structure of the small intestinal mucosa.The patient starts to feel good, but do not forget that the recovery of villi in the intestine can occur within a few months or even years.And the consumption of even minute amounts of gluten can cause damage to the intestines, even if you have thus no distinct symptoms.

Gluten is found in wheat, rye, oats, barley, rye, spelled, kamut, respectively, products containing these grains in the structure of the diet should be excluded.

And it - bread, cereals, pasta.Gluten is a part of various food and beverages even.For example, you can find it in flavored coffee or beer;in certain types of ice-cream, in puddings.Among the products that contain gluten - tuna in vegetable broth, rice fast food;prepared vegetables, salads;vegetable purees;and many others, so to maintain a diet is not so simple.

However, now produce special products for people intolerant to gluten - bread and pasta without gluten, which are produced using potatoes, rice, soy, or bean flour.They are easily recognizable by the presence on the packaging of the crossed out spike.This label guarantees the absence of gluten.

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