Treatment of juices.Cvezhevyzhatye Juices parsley and parsnip

Cvezhevyzhaty Juice parsley.

Cvezhevyzhaty parsley Juice improves oxygen metabolism in the cells and tissues of the body, it is able to stimulate the reduction in the case of adrenal and thyroid glands.This juice strengthens blood vessels, especially capillaries and arteries.It is an effective treatment for diseases of the genitourinary system, especially helpful in the treatment of nephrolithiasis - displays stones from the kidneys and bladder.

parsley juice due to its diuretic properties used to treat nephritis, albuminuria, dropsy.Diseases of the eye is also treated with this juice and juice blends, to which it is included.

Admiring therapeutic possibilities of this juice, you can say that it is truly a wonderful doctor, and the doctor versatile.The list of diseases that he "knows" how to treat large and diverse.

Using parsley juice, we must remember that it one of the most potent juices.Therefore, in its purest form never drink in excess of 30-60 grams, and is most often used in the composit

ion of juice blends, mixing named dose with juices of carrot, lettuce, spinach or celery.For example, a number of eye diseases such as corneal ulceration, cataract, conjunctivitis, ophthalmia at different stages of the pupil and lethargy, is treated with a mixture of parsley juice, celery, endive and carrot.

parsley juice, especially when mixed with beet or beet-carrot and cucumber, used in the treatment of menstrual disorders.With these mixtures successfully treat spasms and pain during menstruation.

As in other cases, the period of treatment mixtures which include parsley juice, severe restrictions need diet: excluded from the diet concentrated starches, sugars, and meat products.

Juice parsnip seed .

parsnip food is almost never used, so the beds in the gardens of his unlikely you will come.However, the possibility of healing juice of its leaves and root are significant.Parsnip juice is rich in potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and chlorine.

silicon and sulfur contained in Pasternak, strengthen nails, making them less brittle.Parsnip juice is recommended to take TB, pneumonia and emphysema, because it contains phosphorus and chlorine are very useful to complete the work of the lungs and bronchi.The high potassium content makes it an indispensable product parsnips with many mental disorders.

All of the above applies only to the parsnip - vegetable crops.Wild parsnip is not suitable for making juice, because it contains toxic substances.

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