Treatment of juices.Juice grapefruit , gooseberry and viburnum

Grapefruit .
Ripening in December, fruits grapefruit retain the full value of its pulp and juice until July.Known high dietary and medicinal qualities of this tropical fruit - digestion improved, lowering blood pressure, normalization of liver function, recovery of the body.

Grapefruit - a worthy colleague of lemon, but perhaps even a few ahead of him, as has a pleasant taste: only need to know that all the bitterness is in the partitions between segments, which should be removed.Some simply fall asleep grapefruit sugar.In atherosclerosis, hypertension, fatigue take 1/4 cup for 20-30 minutes before eating, and insomnia - 1/2 cup at night.Take the juice with pulp, in the absence of appetite, digestive disorders.

Gooseberry .
Gooseberries, or "northern grapes", known in Russia since the XII century.It contains up to 14% sugar, pectin, tannins.Medicinal value gooseberry increase its constituent copper, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B, C, P, carotene.Gooseberry juice has a beneficial effect on metabolism, it
is a good diuretic and laxative and helps with iron deficiency anemia. Kalina .
The fruit contains sugar, vitamin C, pectin, organic acids, including valeric and isovaleric, has a marked sedative effect on the central nervous system.Viburnum Fruits have diuretic and diaphoretic action, increase the contraction of the heart, helps in diseases of the stomach Treatment of juices.Orange, viburnum juices.Carrot Juice lemon.The juice of green beans (healthy and clinical nutrition)
Kalina red.Kalinov beauty recipes
Natural Cosmetics.Kalina in recipes of beauty and health
Autumn mask
Kalina - berry, viburnum red
Medicinal plants.Kalina - doctor
Herbs: viburnum common in folk medicine
Treatment juices.Freshly squeezed juice of Viburnum (healthy and clinical nutrition)
Medicinal plants.Wedding tree -
viburnum Medicinal plants.Viburnum opulus Viburnum
use in folk medicine (Medicinal Plants)
Medicinal plants.Kalina common in the service of health
Treatment juices.Juice grapefruit, gooseberry and viburnum (healthy and clinical nutrition)
Medicinal plants.Kalina common in folk medicine
Kalina Treatment (recipes of traditional medicine)

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