7 September

Weather-sensitive .Recommendations for weather-sensitive people ( it is useful to know )

Dizziness, weakness, lack of energy often bother us with a change of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure.How often we hear the complaint: "I am not a man, as a barometer of any!" According to doctors, about half of women and one third men meteosensitive..With the change of weather to contend not in our power, but how to ease meteosensitivity?

Here are some simple guidelines that should follow the changes in the weather-dependent people:

- On days when the weather changes, it is not necessary to abuse the fat, protein food.Preference should be given to milk-vegetable diet.The menu includes apples and seafood.Remember that a good dinner exacerbates poor health.

- The morning is better to start with a contrast shower.The difference between the temperature of the cool and hot water should be increased gradually - every day.

- Headache weakened by massage the earlobes.- If it is not harmful to do inhalation of valerian and essential oils.

- To raise the tone useful rubbing with sea salt.After t

he procedure, you can drink a half cup of chamomile infusion.

- If the weather changes, you become nervous and high-strung, you can drink tea with cumin and fennel.Before going to bed will have a calming effect warm bath with lavender oil.

- In no case do not wear in the days of poor health from synthetic clothes!Wear clothes made of soft naturalnyhtkaney soothing colors.One should not wear clothes of wool and natural furs, which accumulate electricity in itself.

- If your blood pressure falls, it is possible to resort to not too heavy exercise.Infusion of Rhodiola rosea also give strength.

- Those who swells from the sharp changes in the atmosphere, excess water from the body displays the infusion of parsley.

- If the weather changes have affected the gastrointestinal tract, it can strengthen the astringent and antiseptic tincture of St. John's wort, sage, mother and stepmother, or yarrow.

- From prostration helps many more radical means - alcohol tincture of Eleutherococcus.

- overall body massage improves.Meteosensitive Some people resort to pre-emptive action: twice a year - in spring and in autumn before changing the time of the year - they are eight to ten massages the whole body.

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