12 August

Neuritis of the auditory nerve

neuritis of the auditory nerve is the tissue damage of the auditory nerve of an inflammatory nature, there are changes in the nerve cells.Neuritis of the auditory nerve can occur in viral infections: influenza, measles, mumps, meningitis, scarlet fever - have fallen under the influence of bacteria in the blood of toxins.The disease can develop when the body of chemical poisons (arsenic, mercury, lead) .Odin of the important symptoms of neuritis - a lot of noise in the ears.hearing impairment occurs on both sides.Hearing loss can develop very quickly, in a matter of days or even hours.Since the auditory nerve has two branches, one of which is responsible for carrying impulses from the vestibular apparatus, neuritis and may be a violation of the sense of balance.In acute neuritis during the process can go very quickly - then every minute.

As an additional treat, traditional medicine offers internal and external funds.

Vitamin mixture: Take 1 kg of honey, the juice of 10 lemons and pulp of 10 heads of ga

rlic (garlic mince).Mix everything, put in a glass jar, cover and insist week, shaking occasionally.Take 4 teaspoons (savoring, with minutnmi breaks. This is very important!) 1 times a day before meals.

oil - alcoholic propolis tincture: 40 g of MESC planed propolis pour 100 liters of pure alcohol and insist in a warm place for 7 days, shaking every day.Then strain the infusion and mix with olive or corn oil at a ratio of 1: 4.Before using the emulsion must be well shaken.Gauze soaked in a mixture flagellum, enter it into the ear canal and leave for 24-48 hours.Repeat the procedure every other day.Total must be done 12 procedures.

Nutrition Recommendations.

person suffering from neuritis, should be provided with adequate nutrition, rich in vitamins, especially B vitamins, which in large quantities found in brewer's yeast, pork, grains - oats, and buckwheat, peas, beans, wheat bread

vitamin B6 -in yeast, liver (beef), kidney, meat, egg yolk, cheese, milk.

The patient should drink plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, especially carrot juice.

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