7 September

The solar calendar ( it is useful to know )

Many have heard of the lunar calendar, but not all are aware of the presence of the solar calendar, which is home to ancient Egypt.The similarity of the modern solar calendar has appeared in four thousand years BC.Year solar calendar begins with the vernal equinox, ie March 21.Solar month lasts 30 days, there were only twelve months, as in the usual, familiar to all of us calendar.But the difference is that at the end of the year remains the last 5 or 6 days, which are recommended to be used to prepare for the next year, to make atonement before the next goda.Schitaetsya that kogda-to in the solar system, everything was different, namely -only good it existed in those days.Therefore, the solar calendar can help a person to tune into the energy vibrations that permeated the space in the distant future.Implementation of the recommendations of the solar calendar helps you find the harmony of life, free from the influence of evil, receive spiritual protection and strength.

in various sunny days is useful t

o perform different actions to help find the lost harmony or improve their health.

For example, in the first sunny day the sun helps the creative top person, so it's good to start any business.This day is especially important to look at the sun more often, as if asking for his advice.
On the second day you can not give in to negative thoughts, it is necessary to drive them away from him, but is useful to take guests and in general - to communicate with other people by any means, for example, letters or telephone.
Eighth sunny day is considered the day of enlightenment, grace.It must be carried out in the fresh air to be fed with this overflowing grace, still good to give and receive gifts.
And if the ninth day of open wider the window and ventilate the room, it stimulates changes in your life, as if the wind of change broke into your house.
On the eleventh day to improve the nature useful to watch the game of small birds such as tits or sparrows.
In the seventeenth day of the need to carefully watch their words and thoughts, because in this day everything will be born in your head quickly realized.
Twenty-third sunny day is better to spend in silence, and in the last, the thirtieth day is necessary to sum up, doing everything carefully and attentively.

there in the solar calendar, and special days, the most suitable for the treatment of various organs.For example, in the sixteenth day, you can treat the hair, and in the twenty-sixth the hair can not be cut, but it is good to treat skin diseases and teeth.The eighteenth day of the solar calendar is useful for treatment plants, and there it is only necessary when a healthy hunger.

As you can see, the information from the solar calendar, you can get a lot of, you just have to tune in to its rhythms and follow the advice that dictates the Sun itself.

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