12 August

How to get rid meteozavisimosti ?

weather has become so unpredictable that the weather forecasters already seem afraid to make predictions.Especially dangerous swings weather chronicle, suffering from cardiovascular, allergic diseases, neuroses, or joint disease.In those days, their condition usually worsens.And it is by no means moods.Just such people worse tolerate abrupt climate shift.Scientifically it is called "meteodependent" .Meteozavisimye people usually keep a close eye on the weather forecast.It is not surprising: after all, in the days of their adverse condition worsens.If you have difficulty akklimatiziruetes, arriving in a new place, complain of a headache, leave the city and feel the change in the weather, "skin", then most likely

you - meteodependent people.Usually such people complain of insomnia, irritability, weakness, fatigue, pain in the heart, blood pressure drops, digestive disorders, allergic reactions that occur during temperature fluctuations.Sometimes such complaints may be associated with magnetic storms.Pai

n in the joints, nasal bleeding, aching back and waist can also disturb these people.However, even if the person does not complain, loved ones can be noted that he was "at ease."

In bad weather days in weather-sensitive people may appear dark "circles" under the eyes, unhealthy complexion, sweating, sweating

night long they toss and turn in bed and can not sleep.However, their suffering will not last long: as soon as the weather front will change (usually this happens after a few hours or 2-3 days), people are once again beginning to feel a surge of strength and vigor, and all their complaints disappear somewhere.Different weather changes for each person are different.But there is something in common.For example, researchers found that patients with different ailments react to changing weather conditions differently.For some, more dangerous are magnetic storms, for others - differences in barometric pressure, for the third - jump to heat or cold.

For example, a sharp cold snap causes a spasm of blood vessels, which can lead to increased blood pressure.At the core may experience bouts of pain in the heart.For those who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatism, joints start to ache.Yes, and absolutely healthy people can be unpredictable reaction "twists" the muscles, there is a "goose" skin and "cold diuresis" (a condition in which a person is forced to often run to the toilet).

People who have "weak" place - the nose and ears, often complain of hearing loss, a runny nose and a violation of the sense of smell.In patients suffering from allergic cold, when you exit to the street there is a skin rash and itching

This is due to the fact that a sharp temperature drop releases histamine from cells - the active substance, "responsible" for the occurrence of allergic reactions.If the air temperature dropped to 10 degrees and below, feel irritation, even a healthy person can be on the skin.Many appear red itchy rash, scratching, hives.Older people and young children thermoregulation (ie the body's ability to maintain a certain temperature conditions) is not perfect, so cold weather can lead to hypothermia.In patients with thyroid goiter reduction function there shivering and chilliness.Venture out on cold days such people is not easy.

sharp drop weather to heat also does not bode well.Deteriorating condition in the cores, fat people, in patients with vascular dystonia, migraine.Elevated heart rate, loss of water and potassium salts required for the heart muscle, can cause pain in the heart, weakness, dyspnea, and fainting.Patients with obesity complain of heaviness in the body and an increased heart rate.People with diffuse toxic goiter (Graves' disease) condition worsens even more: these patients hardly tolerate heat, their tortured heart beat, shortness of breath, high blood pressure swings, fatigue and weakness.

The humidity is dangerous?It has long been proven that high humidity -otnyud not good.Why?
Firstly, the body reacts to the contrast between the moisture outside and dry air home.
Secondly, the high humidity we have a better chance of catching a cold or inflammation.Therefore, those who have reduced immunity, for a long time to be outside in wet weather is undesirable.

At higher (over 85%) moisture intensively breed fungi and house dust mites - tiny creatures invisible to the eye, which often cause allergy attacks.Therefore, wet weather -The nightmare for asthmatics.After all, most of them are allergic to mites and fungus: it is only "byakam" begin to multiply, as the patients have a seizure.

People suffering from skin diseases, can also feel the deterioration.The first cause acute illness, in this case - All the same mites and fungi.The second - a direct effect on the skin moist air.There is irritation, rashes appear

skin, which had previously been dry, it begins to get wet and scratched.

more dangerous magnetic storms?These disasters can affect the condition of patients with epilepsy, vascular dystonia, heart disease, migraines.The fact that magnetic storms affect vessels.Hence - headaches, fatigue, weakness, fatigue and pain in the heart.Patients with epilepsy changing magnetic field may cause an increase in the activity of brain cells, arranged in certain areas of the brain the so-called "epileptic foci", which can cause seizures attack.In patients with neuroses possible lowering of mood, fatigue, depression.

pressure drop.On them, primarily people react with diseased joints.Often these people themselves can serve as a "Hydrometeorological": they make their complaints is still a few days before the weather changes.Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism feel her changes are not worse than the Synoptics.

People with vascular dystonia often react to atmospheric pressure lowering.In those days, their vessels are often "give failure" that appears fatigue, weakness, headaches.Even healthy people can be mood swings, weakness and fatigue.Not the best way to feel this kind of weather and cores.

Increase in barometric pressure, which is combined with the dry cloudless weather, was well tolerated by all but Allergy: these days the concentration of harmful substances in the air increases.People who are prone to nosebleeds, the latter are likely to worsen.

meteozavisimosti How to get rid of?A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and, paradoxically, a good mood, because our body's reactions depend on ourselves.No wonder it is considered that no bad weather.The thing is, as we have ourselves set up.At least, the scientists say that meteozavisimost can be reduced, and in some cases - even completely get rid of it.

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