7 September

Mothers note.How to give your child a pill

How difficult to give baby medicine!To what tricks have to resort to child drank a pill or a spoonful of bitter medicine!To an ordinary medical procedure does not turn into a real battle, use the following sovetami.Prigotovtes detail, but is available to answer questions about his son or daughter, for which it is necessary to drink pills and potions, what procedures to perform assigned doctor.Kids love if they explain everything in detail.Clarification can be turned into a story where the main character Crack heroically fighting hordes of malicious microbes that attacked the body baby.

Strict rule.Tablets that you give him, should be crushed into powder in a conventional teaspoon: lightly press one to the other - and the powder is ready.Dissolve it in sweetened water, syrup, compote.

Remember, pills, potions, capsules and tinctures is better to drink boiled water sweetened but not milk.Also, do not use for this purpose the juice and mineral - they often enter into chemical interaction with medications

that can lead to undesirable consequences.

sure that the powder did not stay at the bottom of the cup.If the kid spit the water with the dissolved drug, in any case, do not add it even "by eye" - to eat the risk of overdose.Wait until the next administration.

Before giving medicine or tablet, be sure to try to cure themselves and never fool a child.If you have just painted his wonderful taste, in fact turned out to be worse than a bitter radish, run the risk of permanently losing the confidence of the child.

Just before taking, mix the resulting powder with something sweet and thick, for example, jam or honey.Do not share a single dose of 2-3 tablespoons.Give instantly, as the child after the first spoon may refuse to follow.Having prepared "sweet pill", try it yourself.If you are unable to disguise the taste of the drug, there is a risk that the child will acquire all aversion to all pills, however, and to jam.Never mix the medication with those foods that kid is obliged to eat constantly (eg yoghurt).

Never give medication strength, especially if the baby is crying.It can choke, choke.

Psychologists advise: while taking the medicine plant near the child's favorite toy and let her pills on a par with the crumbs.Socially any business disputes.

If your baby is not allergic, so use the old fashioned way.Hide the drug in chocolate candy filled with jam.Carefully cut away with a knife candy top, sprinkle milled into a powder to the tablet and mix with stuffing.

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