12 August

Color therapy .Lechimsya rainbow ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

clothing color, the walls of the house, food - all this affects our body, causing it responses, which we sometimes do not suspect.However, numerous studies scientists proved the positive effect of color therapy on human: seven colors of the rainbow can help restore health. red color is a clear physiological response: under its influence increases muscle tension, it is associated with blood and has a healing effect on the formation of red blood cells, increasing heat and stimulating circulation.It supports color, energizes the nerve tissue and bone marrow.It helps to get rid of constipation and is very useful in iron deficiency, when smallpox, lupus, inflammatory skin diseases.In these cases, as well as to strengthen the liver need to wear clothes and eat red foods.For pulling pain in this color effect on the feet.

Bright pink color is relaxing, and pink useful in heart failure and melancholy.However, an excess of red can raise blood pressure, trigger inflammatory processes, such as conjunctivitis,

as well as lead to nervousness, anxiety and bustle.Red for medicinal purposes should be used with caution.

Orange - a mixture of red and yellow, it has a harmonizing effect.Especially useful as a tonic to lift the mood of the patient being in a depressed state, and against nervousness, anxiety, depression.A beneficial effect on the lungs, spleen, and cancer, diseases of these bodies well to wear orange.Positive influence in case of problems with the digestive system and skin diseases, as well as hearing loss.This color stimulates the appetite, and the heat emanating from him, relieves tension and cramps.That is why it is good to use in the kitchen or living room decoration.The negative impact of this color is very rare.

Yellow - color of spiritual development, invigorates, stimulates the activity of the mucous, stimulates thinking processes.Yellow causes the formation of gastric juice, helps with digestive disorders and intestinal obstruction, carries the energy of the genitals and enhances sexual potency, stimulates the vision, calms the nerves, relieves mental fatigue.Very good for school facilities and the room of a teenager or student.
Yellow calms spleen, lymph system activates, helps in the treatment of liver.

Green - the Most favorable color for humans, the color of hope, harmony, recovery.Balances and neutralizes affects the pituitary gland, and thus - by metabolism.It restores the balance between the liver and spleen has a regenerative effect on muscles and connective tissue Green stimulates the autonomic nervous system and speeds up the growth process, helps with fatigue and becsonnitse, high blood pressure and diseases of the eye.Oversupply it is not harmful.Only in very rare cases, it develops indecision, when a person's reactions become too slow and sluggish.
green in color rooms rejuvenates the inhabitants of the house, brings harmony and balance to the family.

Blue calms (an excellent tool for psychosis), balances, reduces pain, reduces inflammation.Blue cools, so useful for burns and an elevated temperature.It helps the color and diseases of the liver, skin, rheumatic pains.Oversupply it is not harmful, but in rare cases there are fatigue, boredom, sadness, and blood pressure drops.However, an overabundance of food products shades of blue undesirable as having inhibitory effect.That is why red wine having a shade of blue, gives a feeling of fatigue, while white bracing.The use of blue in the office (for example, blue curtains) increases efficiency.

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