12 August

Meltwater ( it is interesting to know)

itself melt water is not a medicine.But it promotes self-regulation of the body, improving the substance and functioning of every cell metabolism.Meltwater is similar in molecular structure to the fluid contained in the cells of the body.So, biologically active and easily digestible.It has a charge of energy, vitality, lightness, which are so lacking in the winter vremya.Esli you a daily drink 1-2 glasses of water, it will significantly improve the state of health.Normalizes the activity of the heart, brain and spinal cord vessels.Improve the blood and muscle work.Meltwater is particularly useful in the fasting days or starvation treatment.It contributes to the rapid removal of toxins.

winter to prepare melt water very easily.Poured into an enamel bowl or large plastic bottle with the neck cut off the water from the tap, and put on the balcony.Then thawed and drink as you wish.

tap water before freezing should not be boiled.Freezing - a more efficient method of purifying water than boiling.

ice at the edges of dishes - pure and transparent - it's the easiest water.Heavy water with impurities freezes longer and going to the center.You can easily tell it by the color of the ice - it is whitish bubble.Thawing clear ice must be separated from the dirty.This can be done by rinsing the middle of the resulting ice block with hot water.

Melt water is best not to store up for the future, and drink immediately, within days after thawing, while it is still "remembers" the changes in the crystal structure.Cooking on it is also not recommended - at boiling meltwater loses its properties.But ice, already purified of impurities can be crushed into small pieces and stored in the freezer, thaw as needed.Instead of water can be frozen or mineralized spring water in bottles.

melted snow is not recommended to drink: it contains many contaminants.Therefore safer will still freeze the water in the home.

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