12 August

Magnetic storms and the signs of the zodiac

C ancient times, people depended on the outside world, atmospheric phenomena, from the sun and rain.Today, we are protected by strong houses, wear clothes and getting around by car, but the influence of the atmosphere and space to us is in no way diminished.If you feel vulnerable to weather changes and cosmic phenomena, take into service our sovety.Kazhdy of us has its own electromagnetic field, which constantly interacts with the surrounding magnetic field.More specifically, the magnetic fields around a great many - of the Earth's magnetic field and to the flora and fauna fields.

Bursts of activity at our main luminary - The sun alter the characteristics of the magnetic fields in the world, and if the frequency of the external electromagnetic radiation coincides with the frequency of human biorhythms, there is a phenomenon on the effects comparable with the resonance phenomena - that is starting to overload the body.The further north, the more intense disturbance of the magnetic field during magnetic

storms and the stronger their influence.React heart, blood vessels, respiratory and nervous systems.It is also known that in response to bursts of plasma in the Sun at the person changing the composition of the blood.It is known that in the critical days, or in the days of magnetic storms often happen heart attacks, strokes, and hypertensive crises, some people begin insomnia and headaches, the number of accidents increases.

But do not panic.First, a healthy body, and can not respond to the changes taking place in the atmosphere, and secondly, there are ways to avoid the influence of magnetic storms.Pay attention to increasing the body's defenses, watch mode work and rest, eat well.Not bad use soothing tincture on medicinal herbs - peony or motherwort, valerian, eat garlic, not to increase blood clotting.During magnetic storms intensify the processes of oxidation, therefore supply the body with sufficient amount of antioxidants, which are contained in large amounts in green apples, berries, herbs.

• The basic properties of the element of Fire signs is their love to sunlight, especially obvious in Lions .During the period of solar activity, the Lions are prone to cardiovascular diseases.They recommended UV baths and calculated exercise.In the morning, you can use the tonic herbs, and in the evening - soothing.

• During magnetic storms in Aries can appear headaches, insomnia.At this time, it is recommended to rest with the lack of physical activity, soothing aromatherapy with essential oils and massage the ear lobes.

Sagittarians are the most resistant to weather changes.But on the eve of magnetic storms and it is better not to overeat, and the appearance of indisposition inhale the essential oils of lavender and fir, as well as drink teas mother and stepmother, or St. John's wort.

elements Signs Land easily withstand changing weather conditions. Taurus may react badly to increase moisture in the air with a decrease in atmospheric pressure.They are useful to quench bath and pouring himself.Useful grinding sea salt body tone, and in order to calm the suitable camomile tea.

Virgin can respond to changes in a magnetic field with a frequency of once in three months.They are advised to apply the restorative procedures, such as a daily half-hour load.It is necessary to follow the diet, and in the period meteosensitivity drink infusions of thyme or elecampane.

Capricorns quietly tolerate all kinds of weather, but with increasing magnetic activity in their bodies may appear congestion, pain in the joints.Capricorn is recommended to periodically take courses of massage and use douches.

Gemini good adapted to changes in the atmosphere, but sometimes they react to the appearance of magnetic storms - it can manifest itself in increased nervous irritability and some incoordination.The food Twins these days should be balanced and diverse, and from herbal teas can recommend an infusion of fennel.

Libra can significantly respond to changes in the magnetic activity and a sharp change in temperature.At such times, they may even show allergic reactions.To prevent this, it is important to follow the good work of the kidneys, visit bath, drink infusions of succession.

Aquarians love the whims of nature and are not afraid of any storm or rain.But they can be a reaction to the weather, so the day before the weather changes, you can meditate, use aromatherapy with essential oils of cedar and geranium.

Representatives water signs rapidly respond to changes in weather. Scorpios are the most stable sign, but they are subjected to a 22-day cycle of solar activity, and periodically they can occur edema and skin reactions.In order to prevent it needed bath.

• Do Rakov state changes, together with the moon, according to its 28-day cycle.They regularly bad mood happen headaches, frequent other nervous symptoms.In such cases, it is recommended that privacy and a warm bath before going to bed with needles, after which it is possible to drink a mug of tea or milk with honey.

Fish are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, but the low atmospheric pressure and humidity they carry the best of others.A few days before magnetic storms Pisces is important to follow a diet, try to purify the body and use a soothing aromatic oils - in this case is fine lavender.

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