8 September

Spring forward.How to strengthen the immune system

From Central Russian frosts, even global warming are not able to cope.But you can give yourself completely comfortable existence in the harsh winter conditions.By and large all the inconveniences are reduced to two determining factors: lack of heat and lack of light.

When the body has to expend energy on its own heating, it weakens the immune system - so we are in the winter so vulnerable to infection.

Let our tips unoriginal, but are we without reminders often perform what is vital for ourselves?

To strengthen the immune system necessary vitamins .You can take vitamins throughout the winter (standard package of 90 tablets just enough).And, of course, do not forget about fresh fruits and vegetables.

clothing and shoes should be selected from natural fabrics and modern, ensures good ventilation synthetics.It is a violation of heat weakens the body's defenses.

regularly take a bath with aromatic oils: lavender, thyme, lemon helps to prevent colds.

If you want to disconnect from worldly thoughts, re

lax, warm and secure a peaceful night's sleep, the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.The suit lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, patchouli as aromatic oils.Staying in the water for longer than 20 minutes is not necessary - will begin to freeze and run the approaches sleep.

And if you want to bath you cheered, the water should be hot, about 38-39 degrees, and stay in it - no more than 10 minutes.Use aromatic oils of citrus, menthol, arnica.After the bath should be rinsed under a cold shower, and even better to overturn the very least a bucket of cold water.Cheerfulness and a boost of energy provided!

By some estimates, 25% of women are prone to melancholy with a lack of sunlight.

In some places, to combat seasonal depression use special light boxes.In normal circumstances, you just need to walk more often, visit a solarium - that is, as much as possible to be in the light.

If possible, choose a bright colored clothing.Dark colors are not conducive to good mood.Do not sit in the winter on a long rigid diet: it will only worsen the depression and weaken the body.Nothing terrible, if two or three extra kilos will be for the winter!Spring is coming - and all will go back to normal!

Although the snow outside the window and the cold, spring is near, not only on the calendar!

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