12 August

Hirudotherapy .Action leeches on the human body

therapeutic effect of leeches is based on the suction of blood, or bloodletting.sucking leech mechanism should be known as the doctor, putting leeches, and to the patient.If a person knows how to "work" leech, it will not be in vain worry, for example, infection of infectious diseases.Leech can not make the infection - it sucked her blood never gets back into the wound.

So leech clings to any point of the body, extends the circle sucking and sticks.Then she draws a part of the skin and bite through it with three jaws, on the edges of which are located chitinous teeth.Formed three-fold wound from which the leech sucks blood.At this time, first person feels that his skin is stretched, and then pulsing finally, pain appears in the puncture.Gradually, the wound gets the secret of the salivary glands, which contain biologiseski active substances including hirudin - polypeptide that prevents blood clotting and decay (it in 1884 allocated from the body leech British researcher John Haykraft).The action of hir

udin obyasnyaetsya long bleeding after the procedure is completed.When a leech is saturated with blood, she disappears from the body.

What happens to the human body during the procedure?It's not as easy as it might seem at first glance: a leech not only removes blood from the blood vessels that cover the problematic organ, but also does a lot of useful work.

Many are not even aware of the stagnation that cover our bodies.Their reasons can be stress, low physical activity, muscle weakness, poor diet with a predominance of fatty and starchy foods.The basis of many diseases are disorders of the microcirculation, in other words, the deterioration of metabolic processes such as delivery of nutrients to the cells and removing toxins through the capillaries, arterioles, venules and lymphatic vessels.Pain in any particular organ is often a signal of problems common to the whole organism.Many problems can be successfully solved with the help of blood-letting at microcircular bed.The only remedy for this is the leech - a living stimulus for the whole organism.What can be achieved with it?The positive effects of occupational therapy ensured the outflow of blood from the deep-lying organs.Scientists have proved that at the same time with the expansion of blood vessels, which have stuck leeches is their restriction to remote areas.

hirudin Thanks to dissolve blood clots, moreover, prevented their formation.

Thanks biologically active substances contained in the saliva of leeches, improves the function of the immune system.

Reduces pathogenic processes in human blood present in it are destroyed harmful microorganisms are removed vasospasm, resolve swelling, inflammation stops, stops coughing up blood.

Thanks biologically active substances also has analgesic effects.

stimulated autonomic and central nervous system.This is possible because the irritation from the bite of a leech is transmitted in segments of the spinal cord.The strength of the reflex action depends on the degree of irritation, and individual susceptibility of the organism.

turns anti-sclerotic effect, as the leech restore the disturbed blood circulation, increase blood circulation in the arteries, veins and limfososudah, improve fat metabolism.

There is a complex stimulation of the body at different levels (vascular, reflex, morphological, chemical), which leads to the restoration of disturbed balance: getting back to normal body temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose.

ochischaeitsya body of toxins.This beneficial effect of leeches said Avicenna in his "Canon of Medicine".

So girudoterapii main advantage is the elimination of disturbed interaction between the human body systems.With the help of drugs to get the same effect is extremely difficult, while the leech therapy destroys the very cause of the disease.

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