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Mastitis - inflammation of the mammary gland, which usually occurs when the cracks in the nipple, usually in nursing mothers.The disease extends with increasing temperature, sometimes up to 40 deg., Reddening and edema of the breast, it becomes compacted.Difficult to outflow of milk, most often it goes with purulent secretions or blood.

Treatment of mastitis is carried out broad-spectrum antibiotics in the early stages, when the disease has passed in the form of a purulent abscess formation, it shows its surgical removal.The disease is very serious, be sure to consult a doctor-mammologist.

Traditional methods are used as auxiliary or prophylactic.

# obtained from rosehip seed oil is used to lubricate the nipple cracks.In fact, the cracks on the nipple and there is a gate of infections caused by mastitis.Therefore, first of all, you need to remove the source of the infection, and then to deal with the infection.

# Sick or just need a place to pour the juice of Kalanchoe pinnate or impose on him a gau

ze bandage soaked in juice.

# freshly grated pulp of apples, mixed with butter, it helps healing of abrasions and cracks on the nipples and lips.

If the inflammation has begun

# Wet diaper infant urine and make a compress on the chest.

# At night on the sore breast put a compress of cottage cheese with honey: honey layer, then a layer of cheese to put on a sterile cloth to make cheese to the patient chest, cover with waxed paper, then another cloth and secure the bandage.In the morning remove the wrap, wash the chest with cool water.You can also make a compress with cabbage leaf.

# plantain seeds crushed and moisten with warm water.This ointment to lubricate sore breasts.

# Rice starch stir in water until the consistency of sour cream.Apply a bandage and apply to the sore spot.After 3 hours, everything will resolve.

# potato starch with hemp or sunflower oil is used as an ointment for the treatment of mastitis.

# tangerine peel rapidly inhibits the growth of staphylococci, usually causing purulent mastitis.Broth tangerine peel in the East women use as a safe remedy for the treatment of postpartum mastitis.

# Prepare a mixture of 50 g tangerine peel and 10 g of licorice root.Divide it into 2 portions and take in the form of an aqueous decoction twice a day.The same decoction can make a lotion to the outer hardened portion of the breast.

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