12 August

Review your menu

It's no secret that our health depends on good nutrition."Man is what he eats," - said once the ancient sages.If we translate this phrase in the language of medicine, work, watch out for your diet is vital.

Of course, very few people manage to constantly sit on a special diet, and there are plenty of vegetables and fruit is not always possible, but pay more attention to the combination of products under the force of each.In order not to harm their vessels, enough to know, for example, that the "trio" of potatoes, butter and eggs is very harmful to blood vessels.But this is just the food that will never disappear from our tables.How can that be? The compound starch, animal fat and cholesterol, which are supersaturated with similar products, it is very unfavorable for the organism.Remember, there can be everything, but in reasonable quantities and combinations.For example, something from this list go to breakfast, something for lunch, but something for dinner.

1. Few people know that the rate of consump

tion of chicken eggs - it is just 2-3 pieces per week, exceeding the norm, you run the risk, as the cholesterol in eggs abound.

2. It is known that a lot of starch in potatoes, which is also in considerable amounts in peas, beans, corn, beets, carrots, pumpkin, turnips, turnip, lentils.

3. Do not forget about dietary antioxidants, such as parsley, mushrooms, carrots, citrus fruits everything.

4. All vegetables that can be eaten raw, try to eat raw, and when heat treatment is recommended to cook them for a couple, bake, braise.This will help retain more nutrients, and avoid the use of harmful fats vessels that getting into the food during frying, can turn into useful products useless.

5. Try not to use animal fats - are much healthier sunflower, corn or olive oil.Transformed fats, which is made based on a soft margarine and oil should be removed from the shopping list.They are made of unsaturated fats of vegetable origin, but, having the chemical-technological processing, acquire the ability to raise the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood and reduce the content of "good".Transformed fats are also present in baked goods and other flour products, which are used for making margarine.

6. But fish oil, which is especially rich in fish of northern seas (herring, cod, mackerel, salmon, tuna) and certain types of plant foods (eg rapeseed oil), reduces the risk of disease and death from cardiovascular disease.So that the fish in the diet include at least two times a week.

7. You should know that spicy and spicy food causes blood vessels to dilate, and Vitamin C, by contrast, is indispensable to maintain them in good condition.

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