12 August

" Internal regulations " of your body

human body lives by its biological clock, the course of which often does not coincide with the rhythm that dictates our lives.From illness and ailments, the appearance of which we can find no explanation.

All in all, it is necessary to remember that the body is good and what is bad, and accustomed to live in harmony with it.Each time activity body - when it is exposed to be ill at the same time is more susceptible to treatment.Depending on this "internal regulations" and you need to build your weekly schedule: when it is better to work for the three of them, and when to rest.

Monday - the beginning of the week, contrary to generally accepted standards of the rest time.According to the biological clock, to this day it is not necessary to load themselves heavy work.The body on a schedule - rest.

Monday engaged in work that does not require much effort.
this day are activated spleen, pancreas, thyroid and sex glands.These bodies need special protection.Treat yourself
dried apricots, dates, include in

the diet sorrel soup blueberry juice, a little chocolate fret.But be discreet body needs unloading.

Tuesday best thing to establish friendly relations, acquaintances (including business).On this day, the arrows biological clock are at the level of "creativity".Go to the theater, to the exhibition.Get creative approach to work.Soft music in the office will be most welcome.And do not forget to feed up sharp and bitter.Especially useful onions, cinnamon, red wine.The digestive system, which is active on Tuesday, will you blagodarna.Sreda

Wednesday - day maintenance of fitness.If you have a scheduled working meetings that require great physical effort, carry them on Wednesday.Wednesday is useful to go to the gym.Required during the working day need to go out for five minutes in the fresh air, stretch their legs, if your work is related to the pants of sitting in the office.
On Wednesday, the immune system, spinal cord and bone marrow, the lymphatic system, heart.On this day, pamper yourself useful almonds, hawthorn juice.And more strawberries!

Thursday - perhaps the best day to be active.New knowledge available than ever before.So, analyze, learn, draw conclusions.
Thursday "come alive" respiratory system, liver, gall bladder.The menu should be raspberries, wild garlic and tsikoriy.Pyatnitsa

In Friday working pace is reduced: everyone is waiting for the weekend.But this lazy day - then break the routine of life dictated by the biological clock.Friday - the day of the active guidance of cleanliness in the workplace, in the head, in the documents in the cases at home, etc.So too early to relax.On Friday
active excretory system.By the way, you can treat yourself to a coffee that day.Drink plenty of water.And in general, it is a good day to go to the pool, take therapeutic bath.Eat more cucumbers, sauerkraut.

Saturday and Sunday - unloading time of all internal organs.On weekends especially useful lemons, beans, celery, ginger.
By the way, on Sunday seen anything inherent in the person genetically.As disease and capacity.Pay attention to something that pulls you in this day.Maybe it's time you change professions?Listen to your body.It is not bad advise.

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