12 August

Diagnosis in the face

skillfully superimposed makeup can hide and bags under the eyes, and faded grayish skin, and other flaws.Hide to others, but not to Fight yourself.After all, most of these symptoms signal a malfunction in your body.And is not it better to identify the causes of these defects and to cure them than the mask?Let's do a diagnosis.


What most women complain?On puffiness .Typically, this is a symptom of cardiac or renal insufficiency.The same is said and swollen eyelids.But it can be a symptom of fatigue, lack of sleep or an allergic reaction to something.In addition, the swollen eyelids may appear as a result of malfunction of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the work of many organs.Are examined by an endocrinologist, in addition, eat foods rich in iodine (eg seafood).

What if the under-eye dark circles appeared ?At the very least, stop going to nightclubs.You do not like to walk and enjoy the night sleep?Then, the reason is probably in excess of fluid in the body.When her much, it doe

s not eliminate the toxins and accumulated under the eyes, dark circles forming.But this does not mean that you should immediately stop drinking!Fluids need to drink a day at least 8 glasses, just try not to abuse it for the night.Eat vegetables and fruits that contain water - grapes, watermelon.Take warm baths and apply on the face termomasku.Under the influence of temperature, the pores open and toxins out of the body easily.

If whites of the eyes turn yellow , then you are likely to liver problems.And if they have a pale gray shade - your body is experiencing a lack of oxygen or have violated the metabolism.If proteins reddened eyes, it can be either inflammatory or thyroid dysfunction.It can also be a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis.

inflamed eyelids often the companion of many diseases, particularly skin (such as seborrheic dermatitis).But sometimes the eyelids may become inflamed due to infection or allergies to cosmetics.Change your mascara and shadow, as well as means for removing eye make-up.

If iris eyes were bright spots, most likely, you have inflammation of any internal organs, and chronic process.They will disappear when you cure the disease.

If the iris ring encircles the white, you probably have disturbed metabolism of fat (a little wrong move or eat?).Check your blood cholesterol levels.Now, this problem can not cause you any harm, but in the future will affect the work of the heart.Cholesterol clog blood vessels, settling on them and their clogging, resulting in poor blood passes through them.Less eat oily and spicy.Drink at night and a glass of red wine, which helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.


on possible problems with the stomach (ulcers, infectious lesions, inflammation of the mucous membrane) shows a pronounced nasolabial fold or vertical wrinkles above the upper lip.

bubbles on the lips - a herpes virus that is activated by a long exposure to the sun, stress or supercooling.Use ointment, which includes acyclovir.

bloodless pale lips indicate failures in the functioning of vital organs - the heart, digestive tract, liver, kidneys, pancreas, low pressure.

If you have chapped lips from wind, cold, then there is no reason to worry, just lubricate them every time balm before going outdoors.But if you are constantly experiencing pain in the corners of the lips, perhaps, your body does not have enough iron, which can lead to anemia or anemia.Also remember about vitamin C, but know the measure, because excessive use of it can lead to indigestion.


about irregularities thyroid shows increased volume of the neck (or if her veins were strongly).

swelling of the lymph nodes - an alarming symptom!This can be both benign and malignant diseases.Seek medical attention immediately!


If you are concerned about pale skin, this may be low blood pressure or hypothermia.But if you are pale and lips, iris, nails, - it may be anemia.

If on the face show white spots, it may be vitiligo (though this disease is not dangerous, its nature is not yet fully established).Eat more seafood, as well as products containing copper.Try to avoid the open sun.

If the skin had a purple hue or face covered with vascular mesh, which means that not everything is in order with the light or heart.

Shortcomings in the spleen suggests reddened chin.If the chin has a transverse crease, it can be a sign of varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

gray puffy face - a very serious symptom that indicates a violation of the kidneys and the entire urinary system.

If your skin has become dry and covered with white spots, you probably do not have enough vitamin C, which supports the levels of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity and smoothness.Eat more fruit - citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, mango.

If you frequently burn person - you feel a rush of blood - seems to be no reason at all, you may have high blood pressure.It is quite common, especially if you are taking birth control pills.To reduce the pressure, limit the intake of salt, alcohol, try to get enough sleep and not be nervous.Some argue that the pressure can be normalized just 3 months, if you learn to meditate.Maybe you try it?

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