8 September

Proper intake of medicines

We all get sick from time to time and use of medication.Prescriptions and doctor's recommendation somewhere lost, and inserts with instructions for the proper reception of medicines are ejected together with the packaging.How not to make a mistake and take medication properly?

There are general guidelines for drug reception, which specifies the time of reception.First, always keep your home medicine cabinet in order, do not store medications have expired and those pills and medicines, the purpose of which you do not remember.Secondly, it is better to make a list of all medications, indicating the destination and time of receipt and keep a list directly in the medicine cabinet.Then you will not forget what and when to take.

There are general rules of medication.

- Antihypertensive, or reducing pressure drugs (Adelphanum, Papazol, Raunatin, reserpine, Enap, Brinerdin et al.) Can be taken both before and after a meal.

- Diuretics, or diuretics (furosemide, diakarb, gipoteazid) prinimayut need only afte

r a meal.

- Laxatives (. Senado Glaxo, regulaks etc.) take before sleep or in half an hour before breakfast.

- antacid (Maalox, Almagel, Gustav) and antidiarrheals (Imodium, smectite) - half an hour before eating or 1,5-2 hours after meals.

- Antibiotics taken without regard to meals.However, in the diet of the patient to whom they are prescribed, must be present for dairy products restore the intestinal flora.Most often, along with antibiotics is recommended to take Nystatin, and after the course of treatment - complex vitamins.

- Sulfaniloamidy taken after meals, drinking alkaline mineral water Borjomi type.Also, during treatment with these drugs is recommended to exclude products of menus containing sulfur.For example, eggs.

- Bronchodilators can be taken regardless of when you sit down at the table.

- non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as (aspirin, Voltaren, tsitramon, askofen) - just after a meal.And askofen and tsitramon recommended drink alkaline mineral water.

Means improving brain blood circulation (piracetam, memoplant, tanakan, Trental), take at any time.Dose - strictly on doctor's advice.

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