12 August

Blood test.Blood proteins

get your hands on the results of biochemical analysis of blood, we first pay attention to the performance of proteins.Just because they are the first.Laymen in their easy to get confused, because in the analysis except such thing as total protein can be determined for at least five of its varieties.

protein involved in all biochemical reactions in the body.It affects the blood clotting and the maintenance of acid-base balance, is suffering from organ to organ substances (fats, bilirubin, hormones and so on. D.), Is used for alignment of the line of immune defense and perform other important functions.

Thus, any deviation from the norm of the total protein content may be evidence of a variety of disorders in the body.

To refine the diagnosis the doctor will examine the content of total protein components, including albumin.

Albumin - this is the main blood protein produced by the human liver.Serum it is about 60% of total protein.Serum albumin concentration is normally 38-54 g / L for children and 34

-48 g / l - adults.A slight deviation from the norm in a downward characteristic of the blood of pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as smokers.A slight increase of albumin can occur in dehydration (loss of body fluids).

Albumins are synthesized in the liver (approximately 15 g per day).Albumin perform the important function of transport of many biologically active substances, in particular hormones.They are capable of binding to cholesterol, bilirubin.Much of the blood calcium is also associated with albumin.Albumin can be connected with various drug substances.

Determination of albumin used for the diagnosis of liver and kidney diseases, rheumatic diseases, cancer.

goes well beyond the norm allows the physician to suspect a number of serious diseases.So, if the albumin content is lowered, the doctor prescribes additional studies to confirm diagnoses such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver malignant tumor.Reduced albumin may also indicate bowel disease, infection, sepsis or septic processes, as well as rheumatism and heart failure.In addition, low levels may indicate a drug overdose.

Fortunately, decreased albumin is detected less frequently and usually only shows eating disorders and hormonal drugs.

second most important in terms of blood biochemical diagnosis - a C-reactive protein, or CRP.This is a very sensitive blood cell, fastest reacting to a variety of changes and damage to the tissues of the human body.C-reactive protein stimulates defensive reactions, activates the immune system.The presence of such protein in the blood - the sign of inflammation, injury, foreign body penetration into the microorganisms bacteria, parasites or fungi.

norm is considered blood levels up to 0.5 mg / L CRP.Moreover, the level begins to rise rapidly within 4-6 hours after penetration into the body of any infection.The greater the inflammation, the sharper jump in this figure serum.And as soon as the disease becomes chronic form i, CRP decreased to the lowest level, to re-jump during exacerbation.

Blood on the level of the protein is carried out for the diagnosis of acute infectious diseases, tumors, as well as in monitoring the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment.Among other things, elevated CRP may indicate content and the following diseases: rheumatism, cancer, myocardial infarction, tuberculosis, meningitis, gastrointestinal disease, postoperative complications.

Low levels of this protein sensor indicate only the absence of any pathological processes in the human body.

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