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Treatment of gingivitis - inflammation of the gums ( women's health )

Gingivitis - inflammation of the gums (gingiva from the Latin - the gums).The reason, rather, the causes of gingivitis are very diverse. main cause of inflammation of the gums - the bacteria that collects in the form of a colorless film.If we ignore such a raid, he after some time hardens and forms a rough porous build-up, well-known to all as tartar, gingivitis provoking.

The disease can also be caused by the growth of the teeth (increasing tooth hurts the gums), vitamin deficiency, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (all departments digestion somehow interconnected), low immunity (for oral cavity is of particular importance not only common, but also the localimmunity).Gingivitis can have external causes: tartar, poorly supplied pressure seals or denture irritation too stiff toothbrush, smoking, chemical irritant or infection.Gingivitis is always observed in periodontitis and the marked malocclusion, sometimes - in scurvy.

Symptoms of gingivitis:
- the presence of tooth deposits (microbial pl

aque, soft plaque, food residues)

- redness of the gingival margin and the swelling of the interdental papillae

- bleeding gums when touched lightly

- sometimes there is bleeding atbrushing teeth with a toothbrush

- a noticeable odor.

Children gingivitis most often occur in the absence of proper hygiene.The local immune protection to 7 years is just being formed, and completely its formation ends only at the beginning of puberty, so even in the absence of chronic inflammatory lesions of gingivitis risk for children above.If a child has also caries the risk of gingivitis increases many times.The disease is common in children suffering from rheumatism, tuberculosis, diabetes, diseases of the liver and gall bladder, nephropathy.

Gingivitis can be common when the gums are inflamed over a large area (one struck all gums jaw or both jaws), and localized (gums struck on a small segment of one or more teeth).

Acute gingivitis .The classic signs of inflammation: swelling, redness, local increase in the temperature of the gums, pain, disturbance of the normal function of gums.Against this background, there is bleeding gums, sometimes - pitting them.

Chronic gingivitis .Almost always there is overgrowth of gum tissue, resulting in partial or complete coating of the tooth crown.Normally, the crown should be free.Gingival margin swells and closes the neck of the teeth, sometimes almost the entire tooth

pain with almost no, there is only an unpleasant sensation of a foreign object in the mouth.

Treatment of gingivitis .

If in time to see a doctor, there are no negative consequences for the health of your teeth will be.If you run a disease, gingivitis, periodontitis go into.

Used mainly local treatment, but it should be remembered that the treatment of diseases of other organs also promotes a speedy recovery.For example, if gingivitis is caused by disease of the gastrointestinal tract, the treatment is reduced not only to dental health, but also to get rid of the underlying disease.

Moreover, it should protect the gums from injury.Teeth with gingivitis treated conservatively so as not to injure the gums.Gums themselves treated with various antiseptics and antibacterial agents (hydrogen peroxide, sodium furatsiliia, lysozyme and others).If the gums are bleeding heavily, it is treated with potassium permanganate, tanning solutions, including herbal decoctions.Sometimes you have to resort to ointments and even the injection of drugs.

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Treatment of gingivitis - inflammation of the gums ( women's health )
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Gingivitis - inflammation of the gums (gingiva from the Latin - the gums).The reason, rather, the causes of gingivitis are very diverse. main c...

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