12 August

Solarium in the winter months ( women's health )

Why do we need solarium? fact that the lack of ultraviolet rays is harmful to our body (as well as do their excess).And because of the sun we are clearly not enough, the solarium can at least partially compensate for this. • Under the influence of UV-activated formation of vitamin D needed by the body for absorption of calcium and phosphorus, "responsible" for the strengthening of muscles and bones.

• In winter and spring, when the protective functions of the body weakened, UV rays help fight colds c.

• tanning perfectly prepares the pale winter skin after an active summer sun.Highly recommended more sessions in the solarium before the trip to the sea.

• tanning is considered less harmful to the skin than natural.Firstly, the "artificial sun" does not contain UV-B type, and thus does not cause skin burns, and second, 20-minute session in the solarium is in its effect on the beach a few hours.

For all the undoubted advantages of indoor tanning is no less serious disadvantages and contraindications.F

or this reason, then if you consider yourself a completely healthy person before visiting the solarium is necessary to consult a doctor.Here are just a small list of diseases in which the tan is contraindicated: hypertension, diabetes, disorders of the thyroid, breast, inflammation of the female genital organs (and even minor), as well as the aggravation of many chronic diseases.

are going to the solarium, remember what medicines you have taken recently.The fact that there is a group of medications causing hypersensitivity to sunlight, leading to skin irritation.

As you know, everything is good in moderation.Negative effects of excessive enthusiasm tan very much, but certainly the most dangerous of them is skin cancer.For him, almost no matter where you are sunbathing: at the beach or in the cabin.But most importantly, always remember about a direct link between solar radiation and skin aging.

What else you need to know about tanning bed?

1. Of course, it is tempting to have a perfectly even tan without the usual light strips.However, most physicians believe that it significantly increases the possible negative consequences.
Firstly, the skin in these areas traditionally covered a thin and delicate, and therefore, a tan can turn to her much more trouble.
Secondly, doctors advise women how to take care of the own breast and put her in this additional stress.

2. To protect themselves from possible allergies, skin it is necessary to clean up.In addition, if during the day you use toilet water or perfume, they also need to remove residues from the skin.In general, the ideal option - it is the solarium to work or at the weekend.

3. Be sure to use special glasses for solarium!Lack of eye protection from UV radiation can cause retinal burns, cataracts and even blindness.

4. Some make a great mistake of trying to use the solarium usual "beach" means a sunscreen components.Cosmetics for tanning, used both during tanning and after, mainly contains moisturizing additives to prevent drying of the skin, as well as substances that activate the formation of melanin, the tan enhancers.

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