12 August

Toothache and its causes ( women's health )

Toothache - one of the most difficult pain tolerable.This is due to the rich mixed (somatic and autonomic) innervation of the maxillofacial region.In various pathological conditions toothache distributed in the temporal, parietal, frontal area, on the throat, and even on the nose and ears.

Beautiful clinical picture entitled "Ode to a toothache," gave the Scottish poet Robert Burns.Poor described his condition:

You seizing my cheekbone, I pierce the gums needle, Drills, saws pilish without stopping.Moving around, tormented and angry, as in a mousetrap.... I rage, according to saliva, break chairs like crazy when the neighbors above me in the corner laughing.Let them devils in hell harrow tickle!Always lived with me trouble - crop failure, disease, poverty, shame unjust trial, debts, losses ... But I've never suffered like torture!

acute dental pain comes on suddenly.This can be an urgent throbbing or shooting pain extending to the ears, temples, and other organs.Acute pain is tolerated particularl

y painful.Let's see what can be a cause of acute toothache.

Most often acute toothache is pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp (the pulp of the tooth).Pulpitis causing microbes and toxins which penetrate into the pulp cavity of a tooth.Pathogen pulpit - streptococcus.Also pulpitis may be caused by tooth injury (broken off part of the crown of the tooth fracture), sharp temperature, chemical influences (acid, alkali).

pain of pulpitis is paroxysmal in nature and occurs most often at night.During the day, the pain appears when a temperature change (reaction to hot and cold).Naturally, pulpitis treatment should only be carried out in the clinic.The sooner you contact the person, the more quickly get rid of the unbearable pain.pulpitis Treatment begins with removal of the pulp from the root canal and their subsequent sealing.

Acute pain may be caused by other, more dangerous disease of the teeth - periodontitis.Periodontitis inflammatory process extends beyond the tooth itself, but also on the bone tissue around the root apexes of teeth.Periodontitis - a complicated cavities in which splits affected nerve and ligament that holds the tooth in the jaw.The tooth becomes mobile and pain at the slightest touch.

When periodontitis occurs precisely localized severe toothache, sometimes wearing a pulsating character.A characteristic feature of toothache periodontitis is its significant increase in mechanical stress on the tooth, particularly when tapped.

Treatment of periodontitis should be as fast as possible.Do not wait until the pain becomes unbearable.Address to the doctor immediately after the first signs of the disease and facilitate its treatment will save you from unpleasant sensations.

provoke acute toothache can abscess tooth.The disease occurs as a result of infectious processes in the oral cavity.When a tooth abscess appears tumor, in which the localized acute pain.

Thus, the main causes of acute dental pain - a pulpitis, periodontitis and tooth abscess.

There are times when a person with a toothache defenseless.For example, very often the pain is aggravated at night and emergency centers is very small, even in large metropolitan areas, not to mention the province.While the man did not get to skilled care, the pain should be removed.This is especially true of patients with various diseases, for which the pain - not a harmless physiological response.For example, a patient with diabetes may respond to severe pain coma, suffering from hypertension pain may provoke hypertensive crisis.

What to do if you have a toothache caught it at night or late in the evening, when going to the doctor too late and should doterpet until morning.

Use rinse : lukewarm solution of water and baking soda, a decoction of chamomile, sage, calendula or oak bark, which can be several times a day (on average 3 to 5 times) to rinse the tooth, but you can just keep on the affected side.Good help ready the concentrated alcohol solution, a mixture of herbs - "Stomatofit" and balsam "Albadent".

Some unfortunate cheekbone rubbing ointments from sciatica and osteoarthritis finalgelya type - do not try to do that.In addition to the anesthetic, they have a warming effect, and you will thus only will spread the infection from the sick tooth to the surrounding area.

There are some anti-inflammatory drugs , as "Nice", "Ibuprofen", "Ksefokam".Analgin and aspirin for toothache are rarely effective.From good analgesic effect has ketanov - one tablet will save you from the pain for a few hours.In extreme cases, when the pain comes back, you can take the next - and run to the doctor in the morning.It should be borne in mind that very large numbers of intake of painkillers to see a doctor reduces sensitivity to local anesthetic drugs.

Liquors rinsing nothing but harm, not bring.If you overdo it with the amount of "medicine" is dull the pain, but then all the vessels expand and inflammatory responses only intensify.In addition, as a result of the treatment of burns and ulcers mucosa, causing inflammation picture will be blurred.

conventional wisdom is that cigarette smoking dulls the pain.Smokers, in principle, a cigarette is a red object.Like alcohol, it acts unfavorably nicotine constricts blood vessels, and in an area where there should actively go fight inflammation, stops the inflow of necessary substances.

not recommended to apply heat at all pospalitelnyh processes, as it only strengthens them.

can not start self-treatment with antibiotics, even if once "exactly the same" subscribed to the doctor, as during improper treatment can form microbes, very resistant to drugs.

Modern dentistry does not recognize the old principle of "need a little patience" - the patient should feel not only a toothache, but simply unpleasant sensations in the treatment and prosthetics.Now, various types of anesthesia , which allow the doctor to carry out the necessary therapeutic steps, without causing patient discomfort.At each particular dental manipulation using the most suitable method of anesthesia.

Application anesthesia .The most commonly used for application anesthesia lidocaine spray.This surface anesthesia, does not apply to deeply lying tissue.It is used for removing dental plaque, removal of mobile teeth, opening the small periodontal abscess, and prior to a deeper type of anesthesia to relieve discomfort from the injection.

Infiltration anesthesia .The most common form of anesthesia in dentistry, the familiar "prick."Infiltration anesthesia is performed by injection of the drug under the mucous membrane, the periosteum, or IO.The drug, an anesthetic penetrates well into tissues, and after 3-5 minutes comes pain relief.This type of anesthesia is used in a wide variety of dental surgery - the treatment of teeth and root canals, operations in the dental pulp.The depth and duration of anesthesia for any adequate dental treatment for at least 60 minutes.

Conduction anesthesia .With this type of analgesic drug to the sum of the trigeminal nerve fiber, carrying the blockade of one of its branches.This analgesic effect is observed in a certain area, that this branch innervates.Conduction anesthesia used for surgical interventions in the area of ​​the molars, in operations on the gums and large interventions by volume.

Stem (Regional) anesthesia .Stem anesthesia performed at the base of the skull to the blockade of the branches of the trigeminal nerve.This type of anesthesia is used in a hospital during surgery, in severe pain syndrome, neuralgia, injuries.

Remember: during the anesthesia the doctor must ask the patient about the presence of any other diseases - hypertension, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, allergies.Only then he can choose the necessary tactics of anesthesia, safe and convenient for the patient.If the doctor forgot to ask you about it, tell him yourself.

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