12 August

Female hormones and cellulite ( women's health )

Since experts say that cellulite is exclusively a female problem, it can be reasonably argued that in its formation plays an important role of hormonal factors.Conditions for the formation of cellulite in the first place due to the presence of estrogen.The more estrogen a woman's body contains, the greater the likelihood of the formation of cellulite.Danger of cellulite increases many times during puberty, during pregnancy and during menopause, as this is when we have the greatest hormonal fluctuations.

first assumptions about the hormonal nature of the formation of cellulite were made after French doctors drew attention to the complete lack of cellulite in men.After this, it was found that the female hormone estrogen provides predisposition to female body fluid accumulation.From that moment remained only a small step to the realization that estrogen in some way have to participate in the formation of cellulite.

Except in cases where women are often in a state of pregnancy, they have high levels of es

trogen, which is continuously circulated in their bodies.The amount of estrogen in the female body, especially increased dramatically in the mid-sixties, after the invention and widespread use of birth control pills, and after the introduction of the practice of hormone replacement therapy for women after menopause.

Estrogen has a specific purpose, namely, to prepare the body for the birth and gestation.Once a woman becomes pregnant, the amount of estrogen circulating in her body falls quickly.And these days, most women have levels of estrogen circulating in the body is far superior to the one that was laid in her nature.Its action is to transport waste from the vital organs in the parts of the body where the decomposition products will be relatively safe for the organism.It is in these parts of the gradually formed cellulite.

Men slag deposited on the walls of the arteries, so that they are more prone to cardiovascular disease.One gets the impression that nature itself protects women.

Women are deposits of cellulite, while the men observed hardening of artery walls - the general opinion of all the doctors, the disease is much more serious.But the cellulitis and coronary artery disease are different manifestations of the same problem - too strong stress, poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, as well as the ingestion of large amounts of harmful substances, which can then be removed from the body.

Although men never suffer from cellulite, they often have folds of fat in the abdomen, which are often a consequence of the large consumption of beer containing estrogen.In addition, it was observed that in men, particularly strong beer abusers, often develops effeminate chest.This fact can serve as further evidence that estrogen increases the body's susceptibility to the undesirable accumulation of fluid in the body.

Recent studies effects on the contraceptive pill have linked their use with breast cancer and increased risk of thrombosis.Dr. Ellen Grant, one of the first researchers of the impact of oral contraceptives, and is currently one of the irreconcilable enemies of their use, suggests that these drugs are responsible for the general deterioration of the health of women.It argues in favor of the fact that the pill significantly impair carbohydrate metabolism and blood function.Research conducted by Professor Victor Wynn in the metabolic ward of St.Mary in London showed that the use of said pellets increases the number of blood fat.It also prevents the absorption of certain essential elements such as zinc, iron, magnesium, and contributes to the accumulation of copper in the body.

Dr. Grant in his book "Bitter Pill" wrote: "There is no indication that the use of the contraceptive pill contributes to the formation of cellulite, but what do we know about the effects of estrogen, can be a very high probability to assume that this is the case".

course, birth control pills are made with synthetic hormones.But the body does not distinguish between what is a hormone - synthetic or natural, so the application of the said tablets women only means that the effect of estrogen in their body increase.

Helen Grant believes that the use of birth control pills prevents the body's metabolism and the release of complex biochemical structures.Moreover, these tablets cause serious changes in the blood circulatory system and can result in an increase in weight and pathological changes in the mammary gland.

Another factor, which is very likely linked to hormones, is that a woman's body can not physically endure the harsh conditions, and various abuses to the same extent as men.Now we already know for sure that a threshold nicotine and alcohol consumption among women is much lower than that of men.Despite this, women indulge in excesses and estrogen performs its protective function and passes the toxins and wastes in the secure area of ​​the body so that we could survive in such a situation.

reason that the vast majority of us do not feel any pain because of cellulite deposits, lies in the fact that the body is quite successfully copes with the task of removing the decay products away from vital organs.As for men, their decomposition products remain where formed, whereby they often suffer from heart diseases, circulatory system, they often have blood pressure problems.

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