12 August

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis)

Lemongrass - perennial woody vine with twining stems up to 15 cm and a thickness of 2.5 cm with the threadlike rhizomes and numerous adventitious roots, the main mass of roots reaches a depth of 15 cm Leaves of lemongrass alternate, elliptic or shirokolantsetovidnye, pointed up.10 cm long and 5 cm wide, on petioles up to 3 cm. Flowers lemongrass white or cream, up to 2 cm in diameter.Fruits red juicy berry-like, with a dense skin.Seeds from lemongrass yellow or light orange, kidney-shaped.The plant has a smell when grinding a lemon.Magnolia blooms in May and June, fruits ripen in September-October.

Distributed lemongrass in the Far East, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, in the Amur region and Sakhalin.Endemic species.Propagated magnolia seeds and vegetatively (by layers, suckers, rhizomes segments, softwood cuttings).. When sowing depth of 0.5 cm seeding sow lemongrass possible - in the autumn of freshly harvested seeds, spring - stratified.

as lemongrass plant use fruits and seeds collected in

the period of biological maturation.Mature fruits of Schisandra have a characteristic specific taste and aroma.Brushes with fruit must be carefully removed from the shoots.The buckets, baskets delivered to their drying places where dried under the eaves of the day 2-3, then separated from the brush and dried in air heater dryer at 40-55 ° for 6-8 hours. Store the fruit in fabric bags on shelves in dry conditions.

Seeds Schisandra obtained after squeezing the juice out of the hands with fruits.Pulp is slightly moistened and mixed containers, cover with cheesecloth, burlap, put in a warm place for fermentation.After fermentation the seeds are washed on sieves with apertures of 4-5 mm, separating the seeds from the pericarp.Dry them in a warm room, spreading a thin layer and periodically stirring.The dryer temperature should not exceed 50 ° C.Store seeds in paper bags.

Use fruits that contain lignans, gomiziny A, B, C, D, F, G, H, H angeloilgomizin, tigloilgomizin H benzoilgominizin H, pre-gomizin, gomizin I, gomizin N, P tigloilgomizin, schisandrine, dezoksihizandrin;sesquiterpenoids: ylang, a- and p-hamigrey, hamigrenal, seskvikaren;tannins (0.33%);organic acids: citric acid (11.5%), malic acid (8.4%), tartaric acid, oxalic acid, succinic;vitamins C, D, E, essential oil (2.9%);sesquiterpene ketones;fatty oil (33.8%).

The fruit also contains: macronutrients (mg / g): 19.2 K, Ca - 0,70, Mg - 1,70, Fe - 0,06;micronutrients: -0.22 Mn, Cu - 0,10, Zn - 0,13, Cr - 0.01, A1 - 0.02, Va - 31,05, Se - 33,30, Ni-0,33,Pb-0,03, I-0,09.The 0.90-mg / g.

Tincture of Schisandra seed used as stimulating the central nervous system agent for the physical and mental fatigue, excessive sleepiness, hypotension;increases efficiency.It has antihepatotoxic action.

Schisandra fruit juice can replace citric acid.Applied as a healthful drink (1:10 dilution) with a pleasant lemon flavor and bright red color.From the leaves are prepared tonic tea is also a pleasant lemon scent.Collect the leaves of lemongrass better in autumn before falling leaves.Liana is notable for its decorative effect.

lemongrass essential oil can be used in perfumery and soap making.Juice and fruit are used to prepare sweets, jams, jellies, syrups, flavoring extracts. Lemongrass is a good seasoning for tea.

In China, used in medicine even 250 years BC.

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