12 August

Phytotherapy.Plants that stimulate and improve the function of the sense organs

First of all, they include plants that stimulate the central nervous system.This includes plants containing alkaloids: strychnine, securinine, echinopsine (chelibuha et al.) Beta adrenostimulyatorov

caffeine: tea Chinese, Coffea arabica and other

adrenomimetiki group ephedra horsetail

herbal nootropics (Maak Amur)

.herbal adaptogens type of ginseng.

According to traditional medicine, there is a large group of plants, stimulating the sensory system (especially vision and hearing), the effect of which is not entirely clear.

Air marsh .In Eastern medicine the plant is used for the visually impaired and partially - memory and hearing.Plant tones nervous system and appears to have some effect on specific analyzers.

periwinkle .In folk medicine used in low vision.Perhaps this is due to the neuroprotective action of vinca alkaloid vincamine.It is also known that the vinca alkaloid drugs minorin and vinca devinkan and cavinton effective in ophthalmic and otological diseases of vascular origin.

Glechoma hederacea .The plant is used in folk medicine as a general tonic, as well as hearing loss.Perhaps due to the effects of anti-inflammatory action with ENT diseases.

Dereza Chinese .The plant is used in Eastern medicine as a tonic, as well as the weakening of view.Effective in neuropsychiatric diseases with concomitant deterioration of vision that supposedly linked to the accumulation of lithium plant.

common cocklebur .The Korean medicine cocklebur seeds used for night blindness.Perhaps the positive effect is due to the fat content of the seed oil (40%) of vitamin A.

Angelica medicinal .It used in folk medicine for the visually impaired.It is possible that this is due to the plant tonic effect on the cardiovascular system and the brain.

Cassia tupolistnaya .cassia seeds are used in Korea with conjunctivitis, violation of visual acuity, constipation (especially in the case of nervous exhaustion or high blood pressure).

sacred lotus .Used in training camp with the weakening of vision and hearing, apparently in connection with obschestimuliruyuschimi properties.

Raspberry Korean .Used as part of collections in Eastern medicine as a tonic, with poor eyesight and neurasthenia.

Eyebright .Used in eye disorders that may be related to local protivovos¬palitelnym action in inflammation of the eyelids.A favorite remedy for eye diseases in homeopathy.

Rehmanniae adhesive .The root and rhizome of the plant are used in Eastern medicine as a tonic, tonic, after diseases such as stimulating potency in men, vosstanavlivayu¬schee function after stroke and nervous system diseases, such as enhancing the blood and stimulates the regeneration of the functions of the adrenal cortex.Included in the fees are used to improve visual acuity.

Ruta fragrant .It is considered typical of Essential Oils, stimulates the nervous system.Avicenna used rue for exacerbation of view.It is possible that this is due to the fact that it relieves stress and accommodative spasm of eye muscles.

Yenisei campion, Silene desert .In Transbaikalia both types are used in deafness.Used as anti-inflammatory agent in purulent otitis.

thistle .Thanks to salsolina and salsolidina plant alkaloids used in Eastern medicine as a hypotensive, sedative, antispasmodic.The herb is used to improve vision, due, perhaps, the ability to improve brain blood circulation, antispasmodic effect.

Blueberries Common .Fruits blueberries improve vision.Recommend alcoholic fruit infusion for acute vision, especially night.

Rosehip cinnamon .The fruits of different species of wild rose are included in the collections of oriental medicine, used for the visually impaired.

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