12 August

Kalina common in folk medicine .Medicinal plants

Kalina - it branched shrub or tree up to 5 m honeysuckle family.Being an excellent honey plant early summer, for a fortnight of its flowering viburnum allows bees to 1 hectare of its thickets to gather from 15 to 30 kg of fine honey diet.The first information about the therapeutic value of viburnum are found in the XVI century herbals.

With the purpose of treatment using the bark, flowers and fruits of Viburnum.The bark contains glycoside bitter viburnin, organic acids - valeric, isovaleric, caprylic, linoleic, butyric, formic, palmitic, acetic, cerotic, amentoflavin, tannins pyrocatechol group, resin (up 6.5%).

sugar derivatives, which have strong physiological effects on animal organisms, found in flowers - flavin glycosides of kaempferol-3-glucoside, kaempferol-W-7-glycoside, and peonozid astragalin.Fruits contain coffee, izohlorogenovuyu, citric, neohlorogenovuyu, ursolic acid, oxalic acid and malic acid, vitamin P and (vitamin C in them than in the citrus - 78-86 mg%), carotene, vitamin K, flavon

oids - quercetin derivative andkaempferol, essential oils, sugar (32% dry), 5.3% pectin, 7.2% crude protein, 3% tannins, (3-and 11-amyrin sitosterol. The seeds contain up to 2% of fatty oil.

bark viburnum they prepare in May, during the sap flow. For this purpose, young branches with a knife make circular cuts at a distance of 25-30 cm from each other and connect them with longitudinal cuts. The removed pieces of bark are dried in the open air, in attics or under a canopy withgood ventilation, laying a layer of 3-5 cm on the fabric or paper. properly dried bark when bent, do not bend and break.

viburnum flowers are collected in June and the first half of July, taking whole buds, and quickly dried under a canopy with good ventilation,laying a layer of 1-2 cm on paper or cloth and often stirring.

Viburnum Fruits harvested fully mature in September and October.Whole bunches of cut knives, linked into bundles and stored in suspension in attics, sheds or outdoors provyaliv dried in ovens or kilns at temperatures 40-60 ° C to a solid.Then threshed and separated from the fruit of the sieves stalks and twigs.

In folk medicine, a decoction of the bark of Viburnum used as a sedative for hysteria, nervousness, suffocation, convulsions, fever, insomnia, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, vascular spasm.The thickened bark decoction is used to prevent pregnancy.A decoction of the fruit is used as a pain reliever for headache, tachycardia, cancer, heart failure, asthma, hypertension, and externally - for gargling in angina.

Broth or steamed fruits with honey is used for colds, bronchitis, hypertension, liver disease, cholecystitis, hemorrhoids, edema, diarrhea.A fruit juice and decoction of them help with colitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and low acidity of gastric juice, as well as boils, carbuncles, eczema, ulcers.

When eczema and scrofula children bathed in a dilute water decoction of the bark of Viburnum, and at the same time give the inside.

Use bark decoction viburnum in the form of baths and skin tuberculosis, with sweating feet.

External fresh juice of the fruits of Viburnum is used against herpes, acne, acne on his face.A decoction of the roots of Viburnum is used as a remedy for scrofula, hysteria, insomnia, breathlessness.A decoction or infusion of viburnum flowers are inside - to improve digestion, as an astringent for diarrhea, intestinal colic, gallstones and kidney disease, shortness of breath, atherosclerosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, scrofula, rashes, catarrhal coughs and hoarseness, as a diaphoretic and in diseases of the female organs.

As research pharmacologists, the fruits of Viburnum lower blood pressure, strengthen heart contractions, increase diuresis, have a laxative and antispasmodic action.Viburnum Preparations in the form of liquid extract and decoction of the bark is used as a hemostatic and antispasmodic in obstetric and gynecological practice with uterine bleeding, fibroids and painful menstruation, and is prescribed for hemorrhoidal bleeding.External used to stop parenchymal bleeding.These drugs are used in medical practice and as a sedative and antispasmodic remedy for hysteria.Fruits of Viburnum are part of vitamin fees.

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