8 September

Headache.The views of traditional Chinese medicine

As practice shows, health and longevity start with the world and human life position.So, moderation in eating, normalization of work and rest reduce the risk of organic disease by about 60%.In addition, in a conversation about health not to mention the different approaches to the issue of European and Chinese schools.So, if the doctors of the Old and New World for centuries looking for a certain elixir of life outside, the traditional Chinese medicine has always used internal resources of the human body.Indeed, in some cases, required the preparation may not be at hand, and internal resources are available vsegda.Takim way, improving the body's own - a phenomenon necessary.And it needs to develop at a clear stance, aimed at preserving health.According to the Taoist outlook, the first rule, which is based on longevity, is self-love.After all, when a person begins to love your body, it is unlikely to hurt him bad habits or unhealthy lifestyle.

very first method that can change a person's attitude to his

own body, is the so-called inner smile.In this respect the adherents of the Taoist theory, saying, "Before you open your eyes, open your heart."On the basis of these statements, you need to start practicing "inner smile" every morning immediately after waking up, because a positive attitude is the most powerful weapon in the fight against stress and accompanying headaches.

six unfavorable factors

Six adverse factors - a six circumstances that contribute to the destruction of the human immune system, causing any infection can cause serious organic disease.In the Taoist tradition such adverse factors generally called "ash".So, in order to be healthy, you need to try to avoid the six so-called evils.

«Evils" first - the wind.Symptoms of the diseases caused by the wind, are known to everyone: it's a cough, runny nose, mild fever and profuse sweating.The destructive power of this factor is able to manifest itself not only spontaneously, it can come from working in the summer air conditioning or normal draft.In addition to the adverse effects of wind include radiation and electromagnetic waves caused by the powerful performance of electronic equipment.

«Evils" second - cold.The main symptoms of diseases caused by cold, expressed joints ache, headache and chills.The harmful effects of this factor can be triggered by exposure to cold, eating ice cream or cold drinks too.

«Evils" third - the heat.The main symptoms of heat illnesses - headaches, profuse sweating, and irritability.The destructive effect of heat can affect not only the person with the duty to stay in the summer sun.The negative impact could have a too warm clothes and steam heat, contributing to excessive evaporation of moisture from the air.

«Evils" fourth - dampness.Symptoms of the diseases caused by these adverse factors are pain and swelling of the joints and organs, accompanied by lethargy and apathy.Diseases dampness can overtake man, for a long time stays in a humid place or consume too much fluid (more than 2 liters per day).

«Evils" fifth - dry.The main symptoms of diseases associated with the negative impact of this factor - a persistent dry cough, chronic cold, chill members.His influence can manifest itself in a lack of fluid intake, excessive dryness of the air, as well as smoking.

«Evils" sixth - a fire, which, in essence, is a combination of the other five factors.The overabundance of fire leads to inflammation of organs and tissues, accompanied by fever.

Thus, the symptoms of fire diseases are a serious reason to think about health and proper lifestyle.Therefore, in order to avoid serious diseases, you need to beware of hypothermia, dampness, drafts and always dress appropriately weather.

Also, do not interfere with adjusted dietary habits consistent with the principles of a healthy lifestyle.Even the strong immunity is easily compromised if exposing the body to unnecessary risk.If you are forced to endure the constant exposure to one of the "evil", try every day to give 20-30 minutes dyhatelyyuy gymnastics Qigong.This is necessary in order to restore vital energy qi, feed on human immunity.

Sen destructive feelings

These feelings Taoists believe the most devastating for the chi energy.In the modern sense of the emotional state of the following have an adverse effect on the function of the central nervous system.Therefore, in any situation it is important to maintain equanimity and tranquility.But modern life is replete with all sorts of stress, so after another "hassle" for 10-20 minutes necessary to perform breathing exercises, Qigong, reducing energy and peace of mind.

These seven destructive emotions.

Immoderate joy destroys the vital energy of the heart.

Anger depletes the blood and contributes to the destruction of the liver.

Anxiety suppresses the energy of the digestive tract, pancreas and lung.

Worry suppresses the energy of the spleen and stomach.

Sadness destroys the energy of the heart and lungs.

Fear suppresses the kidney energy.

sudden fright completely paralyzed during qi.

To this we can only add that the Taoist concept of "kidney disease" is very different from the European understanding of this phrase.Under this title the traditional Chinese medicine treats the disease of any organ of the genitourinary system man.

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