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Therapeutic baths .The secret to enjoying your ( women's health )

Psychologists give quite a convincing explanation as to why, taking a bath, so we feel great - relaxed, enjoyable and safe.During the first nine months of the embryo develops in the amniotic fluid of the mother.And the rest of his life we ​​yearn for this unique feeling of harmony and unity.Cold baths - for those who are not afraid to freeze.Water bath temperature of 18 ° C and particularly below has a stimulating effect.In Sweden, after being taken in a hot sauna, plunge into cold water

considered that the sequence of "sauna - cold bath" brings a lot of fun and many benefits.Even a bath with a temperature of 18 to 24 ° C, tones the body, improves circulation and digestion.The residence time in this bath for 30 seconds to two minutes.But this invigorating procedure is shown not to all: do not take cold baths, without first talking to your doctor if you are sick, there is a weakness, suffering from heart disease, if you upset digestion or elevated blood pressure.

Get pleasure from this method of rec

overy can be and without going to Sweden.Within ten minutes, warm the whole body - a hot shower, hot tub or sauna.Complete healing process a refreshing cold shower or a cold water pool.After feeling the chill will be a very pleasant feeling of comfort.Coming out of the cold bath, rub vigorously with a towel.Cold baths by the method of S. Kneipp recommended to influence the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, blood thinners and increase in blood sugar levels, as well as the impact on the intestinal peristalsis.Showing with nervousness, loss of appetite, neurasthenia, as well as hardening of the body.Systematically take cold baths increase efficiency, give vivacity, improve mood, increase heart rate, increase hemoglobin.The duration of the cold bath no more than 6-30 seconds.

Neutral bath - rapid-acting tranquilizers.Neutral shared bath with the water temperature from 33 to 36 ° C is called the softest natural tranquilizers.This is an excellent way to facilitate falling asleep, to provide a deep, healthy sleep.Fill the bathtub and immerse yourself in it - the body to the neck should be in the water.Dim the lights, make sure that the room was quiet, his head put on a towel or on a special pillow.Slightly warm bath is used when you need to remove the skin irritation

to do this, add the water 2 cups fine oat flour.The good effect is given by other additives, such as 1-2 drops juniper oil.You can also pour into a bath of 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda - this is very useful for the skin - or 0.5-1 glass of Epsom salts to tired out muscles stopped hurting.Treatment time is not more than 10-20 minutes.After the bath obleytes cool or cold water and lie down in bed for about an hour.Heat take cover.Calm and warm bath will strengthen the action.

Hot Tubs - a remedy for pain and stress.Prolonged hot tub - a time-tested way to relieve painful muscle contractions or just relax when you are overexcited.The water temperature should be between 41 and 43 ° C or so, what you can bear.To blood is not rushing to your head, wrap the head with a wet towel.The residence time in the bath to-20 minutes.As the cooling add hot water - the temperature should be constant.After the bath take a cold shower, so you do not become ill.

Miraculous bath juniper .Juniper will help you to feel the real atmosphere of unity with nature.Bath juniper - not just a bath, a ritual in which the basis is the unique properties of juniper.You can use a juniper branch and essential oil.By the way, essential oils of cypress, juniper, rosemary, oregano, sage and lavender to help cleanse the body, taking with it the toxins and wastes, while jets of water to help alleviate pain in the hands and feet.

Also, we advise you to put out the light in your bathroom and to light incense and juniper-scented candles (preferably flavored).Time taking a bath - 20 minutes.

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