12 August

The body asks for help ( it is useful to know )

Few of us are subject to regular medical examination.But the warning signals of the body beginning faults we can consider themselves in the open areas of his own body. Dry mouth.
normal reaction to stress and anxiety.If dryness is long and it is accompanied by irritability, then you do not have enough vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid).This vitamin lot in poultry meat, nuts, beef, germinated wheat germ.

dry mouth, and sometimes results in inflammation of the salivary glands, as well as the initial manifestation of diabetes.

Halitosis .
If it is not connected with yesterday's stormy feast or unpeeled teeth, you should check your blood sugar levels (diabetes), "enlighten" the liver, kidneys (smell of ammonia), to cure chronic bronchitis (putrid odor).

Chapped lips .If
along with cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth there is muscle weakness, problems with concentration and hard hair fall out - it is a serious signal of a lack of vitamin B2 (riboflavin).Impaired balance quickly restore dairy p

roducts, eggs, peanuts, peaches, soybeans, pears, tomatoes and cauliflower.

White raid on language.This is the satellite
those long hungry or cold.But if on a background of white plaque enveloping clearly manifested redness language edges, it is very likely gastritis.

Pale gray powder on language.
disrupt the gastrointestinal tract.When both the swelling of the lips and skin dryness of the body, most likely, not enough iron.Urgent measures: less black coffee and tea (they block the absorption of valuable element) more parsley, liver, fish and white mushrooms, and much more apples and citrus.

flaky skin .
often flakes - a signal of lack of vitamins A and B2.Good nutrition will quickly lead to normal skin.If peeling is accompanied by severe itching, then without hesitation it is necessary to see a doctor - a serious risk of fungal diseases.

Bluish spots, when they occur, even from a weak pressing on the skin, means that there is a problem with blood clotting or liver.Clarity can make only laboratory tests.

swelling of eyelids .Often
body signals about problems with the kidneys, especially in the sense of general weakness, cold and pale skin.

Painful eye sensitivity to bright light .
Payment for abuse alkogo¬lem and tobacco.It is time to stop!Ino¬gda a symptom of "hay fever" (hay fever - allergic to flowering plants), more often - a sign nedoctatka vitamin A, and then you have to eat more cheese, carrots and tomatoes.

Swollen lymph nodes .
in the body is an inflammatory process, from the common cold to more serious medical intervention when necessary.

dark urine .
Most likely, you just nedopivaete fluid to the desired amount.But if dark urine output is accompanied by high fever and weakness, it is probably more dangerous diseases of the genitourinary system, to understand that only the urologist can.

Frequent bleeding from the nose .
time to regularly measure blood pressure.If increased - the cause is found and it is necessary to treat hypertension.If pressure is normal, it means you do not have enough vitamin C. Have podnalech cabbage, spinach and nettle soup.

Increased sweating .
Examine the thyroid gland.If you sweat profusely at night - it's a sign of nervous exhaustion.

Slow healing wounds.
You have zinc deficiency, which is filled seafood and legumes.

transverse grooves on the nails (one) .
nail growth area was damaged.Multiple grooves arise due to vitamin deficiency or severe chronic stress.

longitudinal groove on the nail .
almost always a sign of poor digestion.If the grooves are stored for a long time, be sure to inspect the pancreas.

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