12 August

Mothers note.As a child spends the summer

With the onset of summer, stands the most important question to parents where their children will have a rest.Many take preschool kindergarten for all three summer months, while others are sent to the camps, others prefer a joint vacation.But it also happens that a child of a whole summer just sits doma.Vot some recommendations about the organization of children's summer vacation.

If your child is frequently ill, it is best for the summer pick up from kindergarten.However, in this case he should remain the former regime of the day.Of course, the kid can wake up a little later, but it is desirable that in the evening he went to bed, as usual, at nine o'clock in the afternoon and rested.Fatigue is not good for him!

Summer - a good time for the development of the child's abilities.But this can not be forced to, otherwise the rest will turn into a nightmare.If you have decided to protect the child from the time of the team, walk with him more on the outside, giving the opportunity to play with rebyatney i

n the sandbox and swing on the swings.Walking should be as much, but again not to the extent that you do, and he toppled to the ground (although sometimes it is useful).

child is vital to run, jump and move.This is required actively developing bones, muscles, and nervous system.In addition, the child craves to explore the world.Task adults looking after the baby, do not forbid him to develop normally, oykaya on every occasion and tugging, and provide the ability to securely perform many physical exercises, podstrahovyvayas it in some situations.The child should not be afraid to jump from a low altitude, in the long jump, running a race.

Summer - the perfect time to begin to harden their offspring.Start with quenching air.
Firstly, it is a walk in any weather (clothing should be such that the child was able to move a constant).
Secondly, this air baths.Leave while changing your baby bare, allowing it to move.The duration of the air bath is determined by the reaction of the child.Focusing on this reaction, can be gradually, after 2-3 days, to reduce the temperature in the room or bath increase the air time.

If you can not go with the children to the sea tempers their water at home.It is quite capable even grandmother, custodial grandchildren.A simple and affordable method - a special tempering massage.In the first week of the baby's body rub dry mitten, in the second - a wet mitten soaked in warm water, rub the third week in a wet mitten and the water temperature begins to gradually reduce.Finally, in the fourth week of massage body massage brush.After all kinds of massage for the child should be put on dry clothes.Reduce the temperature of the water you can, focusing on health and the reaction of the kid on tempering procedures.

proposed master all kinds of massage, some children can be tempered by the method of K.Plekhanov.The so-called evaporative -Follow tempering stage after a massage brush.Gloves dipped in a hot water, which only tolerates child.Rubbing spend parts, each part of the body after wiping wipe dry.Alternating arms, legs, abdomen, back.

Many hours of outdoor exercise do not mean permanent residence of the child in the sun.Moreover, preschoolers up to 7 years without clothes can not be in the sun for more than two hours a day.There are children with hypersensitivity to UV radiation - usually have fine light skin, blonde or red hair.To reduce the effect of ultraviolet radiation, enough to wear to a son or daughter of a thin cotton shirt (dress), lubricate body sunscreen.During the most aggressive of the sun, from 11 to 16 hours, it is better to sit in the shade or stay indoors.

Here a set of physical exercises you can offer to your child in the summer.

Walking and running:
- raising the knees high

- with the change of direction

- snake

- with riding hoop straight

- on a horizontal and inclined bench or a log with a bag of sand on his head.

- jumping on two feet long by fixed and rotary rope

- in length with a running start.

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