12 August

Trace elements .Molybdenum (it is useful to know )

certainly Microelements are part of the body in the form of biologically active compounds, enzymes, vitamins, hormones, respiratory pigments.And the failure of any of the trace elements can frustrate and disrupt the coordinated work of individual sections and the whole organism.Among these micronutrients - molybdenum.Molybdenum - is a vital element, which is concentrated in the cell organelles: the nucleus, ribosomes, chromoplasts, the mitochondria.Its high content found in the liver, kidney, aorta, and skin.Molybdenum is always present in the human brain tissues during embryonic development, it is found in the gray matter of the brain in the areas of sight, hearing, smell and taste, in all tissues and organs, a part of the other enzymes.

Molybdenum - activator of important enzymes.Small amounts (dose 5 mg), it has a positive effect on gemoglobinoobrazovanie and enhances the phagocytic activity of blood leukocytes and increases detoxification properties of the organism.The scientists noted that in leuk

emias molybdenum content in whole blood and red blood cells increases and in remission saturation of red blood cells this micronutrient even more increases.The same thing occurs in hypertension: a molybdenum concentration in the blood increases, and at the same time strengthened its excretion in the urine.This is also observed with other micronutrients.But usually molybdenum output less than is supplied, so it is always sufficient in the body.

daily requirement for molybdenum 200-300 mcg.The food molybdenum content ranges from 0.004 - 3.0 mg / kg, in vegetables - 0.04-0.2 mg / kg, meat and milk contain molybdenum is smaller than the other products of animal origin.Most of all molybdenum is in peas, beans and bread.

Molybdenum towards copper is the antagonist, they reduce the activity of each other.When the displacement of copper molybdenum from its biologically active compounds is reduced during the oxidation processes in tissues.The study of the role and molybdenum values ​​in the life of the organism is not yet complete: not traced his connection with enzymes, hormones, vitamins.However it noted that when the concentration of molybdenum in the environment are increasing thymus disease (hence, molybdenum is an antagonist iodine).In addition, the researchers noted that the addition of molybdenum occurred gout and increases the amount of uric acid in the blood.

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