9 September

And if without glasses ?Varieties of contact lenses ( it is useful to know )

You have vision problems?Then without glasses can not do.Sometimes they are the adornment of the image, such as severe expensive glasses lady director or business woman.And sometimes glasses can absolutely not be combined with your usual image.Then we'll think about the selection of contact lenses, which are not only able to correct vision, but may well change your oblik.Chtoby choose the right lens, you should know about their structure and characteristics.Experts distinguish between hard and soft contact lenses.

Solid - thinner, do not let the gas and made of a rigid, less flexible material than soft.The latter fact makes them less comfortable at the initial stage of getting used to the new means of vision correction.

Soft contact lenses are made from a variety of polymeric materials (usually polimakon and filkon).Modern polymers provide comfortable wearing lenses is passed through them a sufficient amount of oxygen and keep their shape perfectly.

Depending on the duration of use lenses are divided into:
- traditional, with a shelf life of 6 to 12 months (in recent years almost all companies recommend changing the lens not less than six months Prolonged wearing on their surfaces appear fat.which can not be removed without damaging themselves lens)

- lenses of scheduled replacement of a three-month shelf life (it is an intermediate option between traditional lenses and typical lenses planned replacement)

- lens planned replacement of one-month period of use (subject to recommendationmodes of wearing such lenses reduces the risk of complications)

- chastosmenyaemye, with a two-week period of use

- day (designed for people who use lenses or very rare, or have sensitive eyes, not carrying means lens care).

For the duration of continuous wear lenses three groups can be distinguished:
- daily wear lens (which must be removed every day, it is impossible to sleep in them)

- flexible lens wear (can be worn for 2-3 days)

- long continuous wear lenses (they can be worn without removing for 30 days).

Separately it is necessary to allocate a special contact lens :
- toric (designed for sophisticated vision correction)

- painted (operating, usually only a cosmetic feature).

painted contact lenses are:
- cosmetic (radically alter the natural color of the eyes)

- tint (reinforcing the natural color of the iris and give the look an unusual expression)

- breeds (with the image of a dollar sign, "cat" vertical pupil, stars and other figures).

wearing lenses Rules :
- When wearing colored contact lenses should follow the same rules as any other while wearing soft contact lenses, namely, thoroughly wash and dry your hands before any action with lenses.
- If possible, do not stay in contact lenses overnight.
- Never use other people's lenses.For any mechanical damage to the lenses must be replaced

- if you're lens, do not use deodorants, hair lacquers and other sprays.The lens can absorb tiny particles of aerosol, which has a negative impact on its quality.Exit - to insert lenses already vos¬polzovavshis deodorant and hairspray.

Orthokeratology.Gas-permeable contact lenses for vision correction

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