9 September

mummy treatment (it is useful to know )

«Balsam Mountain", "mountain tar", "mineral wax" - what is it?Oh mummy.Shilajit - one of the most mysterious of drugs donated to us by nature.Despite the fact that it has been known since ancient times, many of its secrets are still not solved.What is a mummy, why it has such a powerful healing effect?These questions and tried to answer the famous doctors of antiquity and modern doctors, but the scientific evidence on this matter is still not.It remains to be content gipotezami.I however, there is no doubt in the healing power of the mummy.Due to the action of potassium content increases mumie compounds of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.Shilajit stimulates the formation of erythrocytes and hemoglobin.Shilajit dilates blood vessels.Fungi belonging to the mummy, reminiscent of penicillin and give mummy antibacterial properties.

Efficiency mummy known and confirmed by medical research.However, this only applies to this mummy, and in no way does not apply to many of poor quality fakes that can be foun

d on sale.Shilajit, sold in the form of tablets, ointments, creams, supplements, inevitably contains a wide variety of additive materials is not always a positive effect on its properties that violate the natural balance mummy components.In the natural state of the mummy may retain their healing properties indefinitely, and if you see an indication on the package shelf life, it is likely you have in your hands is just a fake.

To avoid such mistakes, get a mummy in its natural state.High quality mummy looks like a dark brown or black mass with a shiny surface.It has a specific smell and bitter taste.At the touch - solid, but it becomes elastic, soft when heated.

The medical literature describes how the use of this agent in a variety of diseases: fractures, dislocations, polio, migraine, epilepsy, facial paralysis, poisoning, ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory diseases of the bladder, tuberculosis, etc. It strengthens the processes of regeneration.in various body tissues, has anti-inflammatory action."Mummies exacerbates the feeling strengthens the stomach, eases breathing and is the most advanced drug complex", - Avicenna wrote one of the greatest physicians of the Ancient East.

contraindications to the mummy to date not revealed.This substance is non-toxic and carcinogenic, has no pronounced effect on the cardiovascular system, respiration, smooth muscles, does not cause allergic reactions.

It dissolves easily, so it can be used inside with water, juice, tea, milk, honey.

For convenience, you can also be prepared from the mummy beads or ointment.To do this: dry mummy at a temperature of 20-30 ° C on air ot¬krytom

grind it into powder

to prepare pellets dissolve in water, glycerol (1: 1) and added dropwise to the powder of the mummy, stirring, untila homogeneous doughy mass.Put it on a smooth surface, greased fish oil and fish oil adding dropwise been for- mass of balls.Keep them in the open air, so they quickly solidify

ointment from the mummy you can cook, mixing it with lard or Vaseline.

WARNING!During the reception, the mummy is strictly prohibited the use of alcohol, even low-alcohol, such as beer.Also, do not use in combination with the mummy alcohol tinctures of herbs.

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