9 September

Minerals in our lives ( it is useful to know )

Minerals are part of all living tissues.However, the normal functioning of the tissues is ensured not only by the presence of these or other mineral salts, but their well-defined ratio.Minerals support the necessary osmotic pressure of body fluids and ensure consistency of the acid-base balance in organizme.Rassmotrim basic minerals.

Potassium is found mainly in cells, sodium - in the interstitial fluid.For normal functioning of the body requires a well-defined ratio of sodium and potassium particles.The proper ratio of these ions ensures the normal excitability of nerve and muscle tissue.Sodium plays an important role in maintaining the constancy of osmotic pressure.When reduced potassium content in the myocardium (heart muscle tissue) is disturbed contractile function of the heart.But potassium excess activity of the heart is also broken.The daily requirement of an adult: sodium - 4-6 g, potassium - 2-3 of

Calcium is part of bones in the form of phosphate salts.His ions ensure the normal acti

vity of the brain and skeletal muscle.The presence of calcium is necessary for blood clotting.Excess calcium increases the rate and force of heart contractions but at concentrations ultralarge body can cause cardiac arrest.Adult daily requirement for calcium - 0.7-0.8 g

Phosphorus is a part of all cells and interstitial fluid.It plays an important role in the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins.This substance - an indispensable component of the energy-rich substances.Salts of phosphoric acids maintain the constancy of the acid-base balance of the blood and other tissues.The daily adult requirement for phosphorus - 1.5-2 g

Chlorine contained in the body mainly in conjunction with sodium and is part of the hydrochloric acid of gastric juice.Chlorine is essential for normal cell activity.The daily adult requirement for chlorine - 2-4 of

Iron is part of hemoglobin and certain enzymes.Providing the transport of oxygen, it participates in the oxidation processes.The daily iron requirement for men is 10 mg, women - 18 mg.

Brom in small quantities in the blood and other tissues.Leveraging inhibition in the cerebral cortex, it contributes to the normal relationship between the processes of excitation and inhibition.

Iodine - a mandatory component of the thyroid hormone.The disadvantage of this substance in the body causes a violation of many functions.The daily requirement of iodine for healthy adults is 0.15 mg (150 micrograms).

Sulfur is part of many proteins.It is contained in some enzymes, hormones, vitamins and other compounds that play an important role in metabolism.Furthermore, sulfuric acid is used for neutralization of liver of certain substances.

For normal functioning of the body other than the listed substances are important magnesium, zinc, and so on.. Some of them (aluminum, cobalt, manganese and others.) Are part of the body in such small quantities that they are called micronutrients.A varied diet usually provides a full body with all the minerals.

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