12 August

CAUSES "aging" SPINE (it is useful to know )

Nowadays sharply "rejuvenated" the various diseases of the spine.Doctors diagnosed them as early as 25-30 years.Diseases of the spine - that low back pain, and herniated discs, and some other problems with the spine.They are the cause of back pain.And at the heart of all of these diseases - the natural processes of the "aging" of the intervertebral joints, discs and the very same reason pozvonochnika.Glavnaya premature "aging" of the spine - a sedentary lifestyle, not only adults but also children.So teens who spend hours sitting at a computer, homework, watching TV, not formed a strong muscular corset that supports the spine.

Two more good reasons - improper workplace equipment and illiterate lifting weights.

trips on bad roads also contribute to the problem - the constant shaking causes damage to the vertebrae.

The lack of protein and minerals in the diet, too "old" our spine.Another reason for the "aging" of intervertebral disc - smoking, which impairs blood flow to all organs, including the spine


To prevent severe diseases of the spine, at any recurring pain in the back, please be sure to see a doctor.In some cases, X-ray diagnosis of the corresponding spine quite normal.If you suspect a hernia of intervertebral discs, spinal tuberculosis, do magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).In rheumatoid arthritis have a special blood test.

If you experience problems with the spine visy on the bar - "pull" the spine - to do only under medical supervision.When a person is hanging vertically on a horizontal bar, and then jumped off his intervertebral discs have a powerful impact, which gives the spine an additional burden and in some cases led to emergency surgery.

In diseases of the spine useful swimming breaststroke exhale into the water, or crawl on his back.When navigating the head is above water, spine tense, and the benefits of such a load will be less.It should be noted that it may cause aggravation and pain, so swimming is better to refuse from rheumatoid lesions of the spine hypothermia.

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