12 August

Fluorography.Why is it important to pass fluorography ?

When inflammation of the bronchi (bronchitis) and pneumonia (pneumonia), a person realizes that he is ill: he is concerned about chest pain, fever, tormented hacking cough with sputum, he knows the cause of his illness (a cold in the wind, I went in the pouringrain and so on).

All this makes him see a doctor.After questioning and listening to the patient

, the therapist, even without X-ray examination can make a correct diagnosis, since symptoms are bright and demonstrative.

Tuberculosis and cancer also behave differently.The first signs of tuberculosis is so insignificant that does not stop at any attention.A small weakness, dizziness, rise in temperature is not above 37 degrees, delicate cough is easily explained by fatigue, insomnia, mild colds.

And there was a formidable process between the lungs.The sooner it diagnosed, the easier and more efficient to treat the more favorable prognosis.In tuberculosis do not hear anything, but everything is perfectly clear.The therapist, listening to the patient, may only reject the presence of pneumonia and bronchitis, and suspected tuberculosis without fluorogram (a small x-ray), he can not.

On fluorogram clearly visible small scattered pockets in the case of disseminated tuberculosis, a major focus - infiltration - at the confluence of small foci cavity - cavity - with the destruction of lung tissue as a result of eating disorders of the lung tissue in this area.

patient with a cavity is very high risk of infection to others.TB bacillus - bacillus Koch - such patients are very aggressive.

Radiologist fluorography service - flyuorografist - finding the appropriate changes in the lungs, raises photofluorogram from the archive of previous years, it compares with this, determines the dynamics of the process and its actions in this regard.

Underestimating changes in chest X-ray is very rare, since every photofluorogram evaluate two radiologists, and at odds - and the third is connected.In addition, in cases of doubt, performed X-rays, tomography (layered images), and carried out in consultation tubdispansere and Oncology Center.

Tuberculosis is in an active form (requires treatment in a hospital) and an inactive form (rather prophylactic administration of preparations in spring and autumn).Tubercle bacilli in the nature of a lot, and every person found this bacillus.But not everyone gets sick.Strong body cope with infection.

Some of them remain in the lungs petrifikaty - stones, as a reminder of the fight happened.These pebbles immured tubercle bacillus, which remains virtually inactive throughout life.Only a very significant decrease in immunity, adverse conditions may cause the activation of tuberculosis.

A tubercle bacillus tuberculosis patients, especially when destructive forms (cavernous tuberculosis), is very aggressive, and people who are in close and constant contact are at risk of becoming infected.That's why is so important to timely detect and treat these patients.

Many people shy away from flyuoroobsledovaniya, fearing exposure, which are X-rays.In fact, the dose is so small and the exposure is so short, that this procedure does not pose any health hazards.Only pregnant women and small children are not subject to flyuoroobsledovaniyu.

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