12 August

The diagnosis - a glance ( it is useful to know )

Admit it, at the thought that you need to be diagnosed in the clinic, you will surely fall into melancholy.Queues, stuffiness, hassle - this little pleasant!But did you know that the primary test you can do yourself?To do this, just go to the mirror and look closely at your own otrazhenie.O that all our ills immediately affect the appearance, known since time immemorial.

In oriental medicine, for example, has long proved a connection between the internal state and external.And in this sense, savvy man, barely glancing at him, immediately it can issue "medical history".

physiognomy specialists believe that a healthy person has a good complexion, smooth skin, warm and dry hands.It has shiny hair, light natural body odor, breath of fresh air.If, however, at the same time his thick bushy eyebrows, cheekbones and large ears, high forehead and strong calves - before you a man who has not only good health, but also the remarkable strength of will.

begin inspection with the eyes, because in them you can lite

rally read the presence of those or other illnesses.

So, if you notice red streaks in the whites of vessels, it may be indicative not only of the lack of sleep or that you spend too much time at the computer, but also the exhaustion of the nervous system and chronic fatigue.Your eyes become red, watery, itchy, swollen?Such symptoms are conjunctivitis or allergies.

If the whites of the eyes suddenly become "yolks", call your doctor - this is one of the signs of viral hepatitis!Well, if proteins "life" have a yellowish color, you probably have chronic malfunction of the liver.

Problems with the thyroid gland can also be recognized by their eyes: they acquire an unnatural shine and seem slightly bulging.

If under-eye dark circles firmly held, do not hurry to cover up their creams.It is better to understand, the reason why they came.But the reasons could be several: low blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, vitamin deficiency, disturbance of cardiovascular activity.Brown bags under the eyes is often said that your liver to live a difficult life.Swollen upper eyelids - a sign of kidney malfunction, puffiness under the eyes - evidence of violations of the pancreas and spleen.

Oh, no wonder doctors each time asking their patients to show them language.After all, the language of "imprinted" the mass of different sores, and even long before symptoms appear appropriate.Therefore, stick out your tongue a minute!

If the language is clean, no plaque, - digestive organs are healthy.Whitish coating on the front and the middle part of the language indicates gastritis, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.Finding a raid on the back third of the tongue, check the gut - not eliminated goiter or inflammatory processes.The same recommendation is effective and if the language has a brownish plaque.

yellowness language indicates inflammation of the gallbladder or hemorrhoids."Strawberry" tongue - red with white spots - the case of scarlet fever, dry tongue with numerous cracks - in diabetes.

white patches in the sky may indicate thrush.Most often, it happens in children, but adults and occurs, for example after treatment with antibiotics.However, whitish plaque and painful sores appear and stomatitis.So, find yourself something like, seem to the therapist - he will deliver a more accurate diagnosis!

Do you often jump pimples?If they "get out" first of all on the chin, it is most likely associated with premenstrual syndrome.That's chin and the area around the lips are the most vulnerable during this period.But pimples under the chin - an indicator, that does not work intestine.

Acne on the forehead often "signals" about the dysfunction of the gall bladder or bowel disease, pimples, jumps up on the temples - that knocks the liver.The same, incidentally, says and acne on his nose.Purulent pimples on the neck, shoulders and back are calling their "support" to check the kidneys and lungs, as well as ... more often to bathe and wash clothes, because failure to comply with hygiene provokes the appearance of the rash.

In general, since ancient times, people believed that acne is just not there.They always show some domestic abuse in the body.Therefore, a more complete examination can not hurt.

If no nasty rash on the skin are not available, but you're concerned about the touch is cold and wet, it may indicate a heightened nervous excitability and susceptibility to liver disease.Check it out!

on the skin, in addition to pimples, there may be other "marks", in particular birthmarks.Recently there have anyone, but noted that people born in the summer, it is much more than the "winter."On moles should definitely pay attention to regularly inspect them, especially in late summer: under the influence of the sun can be a dangerous skin disease, such as melanoma.Therefore, if you notice a mole that has changed color, size, began to tingle, itch, or there were some other painful sensations in the mole, do not hesitate to appeal to onkodermatologu.And the sooner you do, the better!

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