12 August

Color therapy .Yellow ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

Yellow enhances concentration, improves mood and memory.His influence is very beneficial in disorders of the liver.Yellow affects the solar plexus, which is associated with the liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach.Thus, a yellow region extends over the whole digestive tract.It is useful for the skin and nervous system, improves zrenie.Zhelty color - wonderful "orderly".He adjusts to the cleansing of toxins and cleanses the entire body and helps to get rid of constipation, weight control, since it facilitates the movement of fluids in the body, for example, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, necessary for digestion, controls perspiration, relieves swelling.

noticed that the yellow color strengthens the central nervous system, promotes the desire to speak out, that for the soul, and eliminates the intrusive thoughts.Yellow color gives liveliness of mind, it helps to quickly assimilate information, promotes clarity and precision of thought, awakens curiosity.He is a very "diplomatic", helps a pe

rson gain self-control, to find his own style and become more refined.It is the color of concentration, so use them when you need to provide certainty in their lives.

With yellow energy can overcome all difficulties and use all the features.This color active people.With a lack of confidence or shyness encouraged to wear yellow clothes.Yellow brings joy and happiness.It can get rid of depression and a gloomy outlook on life.It is the color of laughter.

In China, yellow sun felt color, gold, divine power, a symbol of the highest wisdom and enlightenment.It was intended only for the emperor, the Son of Heaven.No one else dared to wear yellow clothes.

But in the West, the attitude to the yellow was diametrically opposite.Yellow is the color of the disease and treat it with suspicion.This is due to the fact that in Europe yellow cross placed on the houses of plague and yellow flag on the ship warned of infectious disease on board.The yellow color was considered a betrayal, jealousy, lies and cowardice.Heretics convicted of the Spanish Inquisition, before burning dressed in a yellow mantle, symbolizing their infidelity to God.

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