12 August

" Pitfalls " rest near the water

hard to imagine summer without swimming in the sea, river or lake, without a beach volleyball court and barbecue.And there is still a whole in August, and although it is believed that after Ilyina day (Aug. 2) is no longer possible to swim, it is so hot in August, and the water in the reservoirs so warm!And if we spend a vacation at sea, we try to catch the tail of the outgoing summer and nakupatsya plenty.

But not every body of water can bring a pleasant experience and memories.Unfortunately, among them there are unsuitable for bathing.Here are their external features:

- «blooming" water, covered with a layer of water plants and duckweed (especially dangerous for the health of blue-green algae that looks like long strands of the web, it multiplies rapidly and, if long the weather is hot, can fillthe entire body of water)

- small creek or stream with muddy or dirty water flowing into the lake (maybe it is - industrial runoff that carries the heavy metal salts and any other muck)

-? floating in a pond of ducks or geese (they carry tsiskarioz - a disease which is also called the "itch bather»)

- hoof prints on the bank (it means to go to the pond to drink a horse, cow or sheep, which can be carriers of a very serious illness).

general in landlocked body of water in hot weather can multiply harmful germs, including E. coli (and so actively that it is difficult to imagine how they fit still there).

By the way, a very good sign, if the pond live frogs.This means that the water is clean, and it can be safely swim.

- Do not rush to dive even in the clean river immediately after heavy rain, when the muddy streams of water (along with the pesticides and fertilizers) flows into it from the surrounding fields

- dangerous to swim in unfamiliar and untested areas, but even if you recently bathedin this lovely lakes, check the bottom: tipsy company in five minutes for pampering could dot its cans and shards of broken bottles.

Resting near the water, do not forget about the dangers that may lie in wait for you on the beach and in the water.

- worth sunbathe, to stand in the wind in a wet bathing suit or sit on the wet sand - and cystitis (herpes, thrush, cough) ... will not take long.

- Paradoxically, but good swimmers drown most often it is because they feel confident in the water, but can not always calculate the forces.

- Do not swim across rivers and lakes in the dispute are not a long time in cold water.

- In no case, do not leave the water unsupervised young children.Be close to them, even in shallow water.

- Do not trust your life inflatable mattresses: they tend to explode and burst at any moment.

- Riding on the boat, do not overload it, do not dive into the water with her, not transplanted and not sit on the board.It is dangerous to swim near the locks, dams and dredgers, as well as to stop the boat under the bridge.

you want to vacation or holidays spent at sea, have helped to strengthen and improve the body?

Then keep in mind that the warm and humid coastal sand - a perfect breeding ground for pathogens, and even exposure to the sun kills most pathogens, but who knows, maybe he was not able to kill everyone?

- So try not to lie and not sit on the bare sand, especially in symbolic trunks of two slips: a grain of sand trapped in the mucous membrane, can "give" you a souvenir of the beach most unforeseen troubles - from worms and fungi living in the affected mycosisfeet, to diseases, sexually transmitted infections (where infection occurs immediately, and the treatment can last for years).

Actually ponds do not wish us evil.They protect from the heat, give purity and freshness, give us joy and optimism.You just need to be careful and cautious.

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