12 August

Colds spoil the holiday!

Rooting bad and holidays and on weekdays - no one argues.Yet a sudden cold front of the long-awaited party, whatever the holiday, or, worst of all, to his own wedding - is difficult to survive!

Here and think, what is better - to prepare for the party, hurry on a first date, dive headlong into a pleasant chores wedding, choosing a banquet hall for weddings or meryaya chic dresses or lying at home with a fever, cough and runny nose wild.And well, if the cold will not last and will take place without complications!

To protect themselves from the cold, and, if not lucky, then quickly recover, you need to constantly take care of the maintenance of the immune system and physical fitness.Although we often repeat truisms, they, nevertheless, are an effective method for the prevention of colds, the more that modern professionals offer us a variety of ways to maintain their health and strengthen the immune system.Let us remind you some of the tips that you need to know everyone.

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trengthening of health is proper nutrition.To protect themselves from infectious diseases should be included in the diet of fruits rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and fresh vegetables, preferably without heat treatment.We should not forget about meat.Thus power must be balanced in the food should be sufficient carbohydrate, protein, calcium, and quality of fats.

better to eat only natural origin foods without synthetic additives, should not be abused cold food and drinks.

Refined sugar, white flour, and foods that contain caffeine, reduce immunity, and therefore their use is best restricted.

should also regularly ventilate the room, especially the room where you are most often.Open the window in the bedroom at night.

If you work in the office, try to go more often to fresh air and make short walks.Being outdoors also helps to strengthen the immune system, and improve sleep.

Practice good hygiene - wash your hands before eating, just change the bed linen and towel, and if the house is already sick, take precautions to avoid infecting itself.

If you exercise, the risk of colds have reduced several times, as the dosage and regular exercise can strengthen the protective functions of the body.

All of the above is well known to us and quite easy to perform.Try to follow these tips and you will not only improve your health, but also improve the shape and complexion!This means that in everyday life, and especially during the holidays, you will feel and look the best way.

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