12 August

Golden Autumn women

hot flushes, temper tantrums, deterioration of health - all this and more awaits women who had menopause, ie,hormonal changes the body.Enjoy a little, and change anything, we can not.All that remains for us - take this new phase of your life and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

About 10% of women do not feel nearly menopause, while 75% have a variety of symptoms ranging from insomnia, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and irritability to mood swings, and heart palpitations.

What is menopause and how to deal with it?Menopause - a persistent absence of menstruation for a year.Do not jump to conclusions if menses are delayed by six months.This can only be a violation of the cycle in premenopausal.

During menopause hormone lacks any support from the ovaries.hormone deficiency causes changes in the state of the whole organism.Namely ...

first problem.Tides - instant increase in body temperature due to sudden vasodilatation accompanied by sweating and palpitations.Such headedness can be a woman 3-5

times a day (or even every hour).

decision.If the tides are small, gynecologists recommend contrast shower and preparations of plant-based hormone-free, such as Klimaktoplan, Klimaksan, cycle.But if a woman is experiencing serious difficulties, prescribe hormonal agents, for example, or Femoston CLIMAR, is available as a patch.Of course, voiced medications vary in price if homeopathic available for everybody, hormonal quite expensive, about 1000 rubles.

second problem.Constant irritation women - another consequence of hormonal disorders.We are dissatisfied with themselves and others, we get angry for no reason.

decision.With stimulation to help cope estrogen soothing homeopathic remedies (Grindaksin, Persen, valerian).

third problem.In menopausal vaginal immunity is lowered, thereby developing fungi (yeast), and colpites (inflammation of the lining of the vagina) is difficult to treat.

decision.Artificially added estrogen hormones stimulate the immune system of the vagina, and it begins to defend itself.

fourth problem.Due to the lack of female hormones (estrogens), and dries the skin becomes thinner, wrinkles appear.This is particularly true of the skin.

decision.Very good help Cyclin cream.

fifth problem.Menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis, which is manifested in a lack of calcium in bone tissue.

decision.Receiving Calcium-DZ-Nycomed and Calcemin help reduce this risk.

sixth problem.Due to the dryness of the vaginal mucosa, many suffer discomfort during sex.Solution: just need to buy in the drugstore gel lubricant.

Unfortunately, plus menopause much less, although some may take the absence of critical days with joy.The positive is that self-extinguished tumor processes fibroids and adenominoza available due to estrogen.And if to remove these tumors usually resort to surgery, the menopause they just start to "go away" because of the lack of ovarian hormonal support.

Why be afraid?If you are in menopause suddenly we saw at least a drop of blood or even sukrovichnye spotting - run to the doctor because it may be the first sign of cancer!

At what age menopause occurs?To date, there is a tendency early menopause.Previously, we had expected it after 45 years, now meets the menopause 40 or even earlier.By the way, smoking brings menopause about 2 years.Say, how much will last the menopause, it is impossible.It may last a year, five or ten years.In each case, all individually.Have a happy women who did not experience any "adverse" effects of its new stage of life, they simply cease menstruation, and all.Move aside the term menopause is possible if before menopause (40 years so) start taking low-dose oral hormonal contraceptives (unless contraindicated).

And in general, everything that happens to us, and menopause including, primarily depends on the internal condition of the woman.Therefore, all the advice: do not mope, live full, rich and interesting life, and everything will be fine!

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