12 August

Traditional methods of treatment of sciatica

When it is time for the busy coming amateur gardeners, the doctors at the same time celebrate the outbreak of exacerbations of sciatica.Etoponyatno - the sun was hot, but the wind is still cold, and after a winter of inactivity exercise in the country immediately become overly zealous utomitelnymi.Za spring works on the dacha many have to pay lumbago, in other words - sciatica.In the treatment of sciatica will help the universal healer - honey.

Radiculitis begins suddenly with severe pain in the lumbar region.Most often the pain occurs when weight lifting or sudden movement while bending forward and turn to the side.It can be given in the thighs or buttocks, can sweep the whole leg to the foot.Backache occurs in a person of any age, but timely treatment of sciatica passes unnoticed.

Our ancestors have accumulated vast experience in the treatment of sciatica, which is often triggered by colds and physical labor, especially in damp and cool time.One of the main places in the treatment of sciatica take h

oney and other bee products.

1. Extremely effective treatment for raikulita are wax application.Beeswax melted in a water bath.Previously on the sore spot check, whether a person will be able to withstand this temperature.If not, the wax is cooled slightly.Brushing the affected area propolis, burdock or pine oil, on top of a broad paint brush applied layer upon layer of hot wax.Top compress close blanket and keep his until cool.The procedure for hot, but the result of the treatment at the patient the patient will be immediately noticeable: it might be a rather one procedure.

2. Very good help with radiculitis honey mustard.They used a mixture made from equal parts of honey, sunflower oil, and propolis tincture pharmacy.The resulting mass is thickly applied on sheets of paper the size of a mustard plaster, and applied to the sore spot, slightly strengthening the bandage for a few hours.

can use as a basis and the actual mustard plasters.To do this, you need to take a glass of water, put it in a pill furatsilina and boil until the medicine is dissolved.Then, the resulting solution add 4 tablespoons of honey and stir.Take mustard, dip them in a solution of honey and apply to the back.After 5-6 minutes, remove the mustard, and the remnants of the composition on the skin cover with plastic wrap and secure, tying woolen scarf.Leave the bandage on the night and the morning remove.

3. Recipe another honey compress, which is for the treatment of sciatica left overnight: it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt, honey and water, all mixed thoroughly, apply on the painful lumbar region, good rub, cover with plastic wrap and tie a woolenhandkerchief.In the morning remove the bandage.

4. One of the most popular recipes for the treatment of sciatica - grinding of black radish and honey.It is necessary to cut a radish into the cavity and fill it with honey.After 4 chasa juice ready.It is used for grinding 1-2 times a day, followed by a warm Cover the affected area.

5. It is possible, after all, do and just rubbing a preheated honey.To enhance its impact, the lumbar region it is necessary to then tighten the linen towel 4-5 girths so that the top edge touches the edges and the bottom - the upper edge of the pelvic bone.After this, the patient must lie on his back, tucked under lubricated with honey place warmer.The heat from the warmer heats the honey, speeding up its absorption, and pain intensity decreases rapidly.

not only honey and products pcheloproizvodstva help you get rid of the pain and to treat sciatica.To get rid of back pain in Russia long ago invented a lot of good tools.Too bad, not everyone can take advantage of them: where, for example, urban residents, to take the hay?But if you have such an opportunity, try - not regret!

Traditional methods of treatment of sciatica

- The calico bag, place 800 g of hay dust and simmer for half an hour in two liters of water.The resulting broth pour into a bath of hot water and add a half bath.Sit in the bath and cover it with foil so that the edges were hanging down.Previously in this blanket make a hole for the head.Hay trash contains many essential oils, bath and if not close the film, it quickly evaporates.The water in the bath must be hot - which can only withstand so as the cooling bath, add hot water.After the bath, immediately get under the blanket!Take a bath should not be less than an hour.If sciatica hurts you for a long time - do such a bath every day if you "pozna┬Čkomilis" with him recently - warmed in a day.

- And sciatica treated with kerosene.Take a large soft cloth, soak it in kerosene, apply to the affected area and wrap a thick towel.If the burning sensation that you feel will soon be very strong, slightly loosen the towel, but do not remove: you need to keep it from half an hour to two hours.When you have finished the procedure, smear sore cream or vegetable oil to the skin does not peel off.

- Collect or buy in the drugstore old Russian drug - birch buds to cook from them the birch ointment.Excellent tool for the treatment of sciatica!Take 800 g butter, type of kidney and place the butter and birch buds in a clay pot layers (about a centimeter).Try to fill the pot to the top.Then put the pot on the night in a well protoplennuyu stove (who have it) or a few hours in the oven (on a small fire).Then press the resulting mixture through a cloth or several layers of cheesecloth and add the teaspoon of camphor.The ointment is put in a glass jar, screw the lid tightly, drug store in the cold.Rub the back in cases of acute and wrapped a warm scarf.

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