23 September

Comfrey - borage

Despite the name "borageĀ», comfrey drug is toxic.This is a perennial herbaceous plant 60-90 cm. It is spread in all areas of the southeast and in the black earth country lane (to the north meets less often).Comfrey grows normally on wet meadows, bushes, in floodplains, ravines, gullies, near ditches, streams.

comfrey root black-brown, long, spindly, branching.The stem (or several of them) erect, branched, covered with stiff hairs.The leaves are ovate or oblong-lanceolate.The flowers are purple, white and pink or dirty-purple in curls.The fruits are dry, breaking up into 4 nuts.Comfrey blooms from May to September.

Chemical composition: all parts comfrey contain toxic substances (alkaloid - tsinoglossin, glyukoalkaloid et al.) Moreover, it is fundamentally contains a lot of mucus, tanning and starchy substances and organic acids, essential oil traces.

Medical raw material is the root of comfrey, which is going to fall, cleared the ground and the aerial parts, washed in water and cut into pieces.Drie

d in the shade or in air under the roof attics, dryer.Store raw materials in a ventilated room.Shelf life 3 years.

In medical practice Comfrey is extremely limited use.But in folk medicine, it is used for centuries as an astringent, antidiarrheal and emollient.Fresh root or the juice of this plant is used externally for a variety of wounds and ulcers, as well as nosebleeds.

From comfrey prepare decoctions, tinctures, poultices, ointments and powders are used.Broth take bronchitis and gastritis.Infusions prescribed for gastro-intestinal diseases, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract with copious sputum.Apply infusion for baths, washings and compresses bone fractures and sprains, bruises, joint pain, exudative diathesis and other skin lesions, but especially for the treatment of poorly healing wounds and ulcers.

Alcohol tincture is used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.

poultice of crushed root is used for boils, abrasions, dislocations of joints, bruises, fractures.Powder of the roots of the plant is styptic with nasal bleeding and other (external).

ointment from crushed roots of comfrey (on unsalted pork fat) is used for bone fractures, gout, wounds and ulcers.

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