24 September

Mother and stepmother in medicine

Mother-and-stepmother - one of the first plants that people used for medicinal purposes (long before the new era).

Early Spring.Coming off the snow.And suddenly ... It should be a golden sun!This blossomed mother and stepmother , heralding the onset of warm days and joyful spring.

Mother-and-stepmother, belongs to the family Asteraceae.This herbaceous perennial with a long horizontal branched rhizome from which grow low, erect, cylindrical flowering stems, densely covered with scaly, brownish leaves.During flowering and fruiting stalks mother and stepmother lengthened to 30 cm and ends with a single flower golden yellow baskets, drooping when fruiting.

Blooming in March, the mother-and-stepmother flowers almost the whole of April and fruiting in May.Its leaves are large, long-stemmed, all radical.Young leaves are green above, slightly pubescent, pubescence but gradually disappears, and the leaves are smooth, hollow, fit for collection.

Mother and stepmother is widespread throughout the European t

erritory, except for the Lower Volga region and Western Siberia.Growing mother and stepmother on waterlogged soils along rivers, streams, ditches, on the cliffs, ravines, on drained peat bogs, along the roads and embankments.

Chemical composition: flowers mother and stepmother contain tannins such active principles as anidiol, furadiol, sitosterol.The leaves are glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, vitamin C, saponins, organic acids.

therapeutic use of mother and stepmother are flower baskets, harvested in early bloom, and quite mature smooth basal leaves, which was terminated without stalks. Flowers mother and stepmother dried in the shade under a canopy or in a well ventilated area.Expanding raw materials as little as possible on the fabric or paper, occasionally poking.The leaves are dried similarly.Drying is considered complete when the leaves break when bent, and flower baskets easily crumble.Medicinal raw materials going in early June.

mother and stepmother has expectorant action.Has she sweated effect, also has anti-inflammatory action.Since ancient times, this plant is used in the treatment of asthma, laryngitis, bronchitis, diseases of the stomach, kidneys, bladder.

Leaves mother and stepmother effective in the treatment of immature abscesses, tumors, bruises.Women use this plant for the treatment of inflammation of the appendages, cervical erosion, infertility.Juice from fresh leaves and flowers mother and stepmother take in pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma.It is applied to suppurating wounds, ulcers, abscesses.

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