24 September

lily of the valley

Lily of the valley belongs to the lily family.This is the well-known perennial herb, commonly occurring in deciduous and mixed forests.And fans of lily of the valley bred it in their gardens, orchards and in front gardens.

Rhizome lily white, branching.Flowers are known as white with a very pleasant smell.Fruit - berry red three-seed.This fragrant flower blooms in May - early June, and in floodplain areas - 3-4 weeks later. The whole plant is poisonous!

Chemical composition: active ingredient lily of the valley is a cardiac glycoside.

Medical raw material is a herb or lily of the valley flowers separately.Aboveground part collected during flowering and cut with a knife or scissors, and the lower part of the blooming arrow discarded.Harvested plants are placed loosely in baskets, flowers interbedded leaves for better preservation during transport.Raw material is decomposed with a thin layer on the canvas or mesh.The leaves and flowers of lily of the valley dried separately at a temperature of 50-

60 ° C (for flowers) or 30-35 ° C (for the leaves) in the dryer or in a well-ventilated attics.The finished feed is yellowish-white flowers and green leaves, without impurities.Packed drug in boxes lined with paper.

lily of the valley for a long time drugs are already being used in official medicine (and they are widely available in pharmacies).These preparations are of great use in the treatment cardioneurosis heart failure.Unlike other cardiac glycosides lily substances do not accumulate in the body after prolonged use.

Cardiac glycosides lily regulate not only the activity of the heart, and fat metabolism in the heart muscle, improving its blood supply and blood flow.Drugs that improve the lily of the valley during the metabolic processes in the body and calming effect on the central nervous system.

way, lily of the valley is one of those colors that take energy (such as plants, flowers called vampire), so if you put a bed for the night a bunch of beautiful flowers, then the person can celebrate malaise, and headaches appear.

From lily are prepared dosage forms such as infusions and tinctures.They can be purchased in a drugstore, but you can easily prepare at home.

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