24 September

Cumin healing

Mentions about medicinal properties of cumin rooted in the mists of time.The ancient Egyptians believed cumin panacea for all ills.Vessels with caraway oil found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.Avicenna described the caraway seeds as "seed, stimulating the body's energy and helps fight fatigue."From the speech of the last messenger of Allah, the Holy Prophet Muhammad: "The grains of cumin heals every disease except death."

in the world there are about 30 species cumin .In Russia, it grows up to 10 species.In the wild thyme is found everywhere - all over Russia, Siberia, the Urals, the Caucasus, in Central Asia.Cold-resistant.Cumin often chooses loam, forest and steppe zones, river valleys, upland and wet meadows.Like a weed, caraway growing in the back roads, the paths, on the outskirts of the village and pastures.In Europe, it cultivated.

caraway (Carum carvi L) - a biennial plant height of 30-60 cm from the family umbrella.Vernacular cumin : ozeltsy, Kozlovka, wren, cumin, thyme, black cumin,

anise wild.Stem glabrous, branched from the ground, with many panicles, umbrellas, similar to fennel.Pinnate leaves, finely dissected.Cumin has a strong fleshy root which reaches a depth of 25 cm. The flowers are small, white.The fruits are oblong, slightly flattened, like carrot seeds, anise.Flowering thyme in May - June, fruits in July - August.

chemical composition.cumin fruits contain valuable biologically active substances are: up to 8% of essential oils, fatty oils (above 20%), mineral salts, steroids, coumarins, wax, resins, tannins, proteins, trace elements (iron, zinc, copper, strontium, vanadium,molybdenum, nickel, manganese).The grass and fruit found flavonoids (quercetin and kaempferol), rutin, and others izokvertsitin.

spring they enjoy munching succulent young shoots of cumin , tastes like a carrot.Young green cumin comes to salads.

Cumin seeds are included in the package of oriental spices (black cumin, cumin, cumin, ajwain, ayovan, kammun).The taste is very similar to dill, fennel.After contact with the tooth they are nice and sharp cold.Cumin is frequently used in home-made, pickling vegetables, sauerkraut, baking bread, pancakes, sprinkle thickly pork corned beef.Add to meat and vegetable soups, side dishes, fried egg, pour in the jelly, vinaigrettes, to the ravioli, cook hearty caraway kvass.

very appetizing potatoes, crushed caraway seeds with .In the kitchen of the Baltic peoples caraway seeds are added to the cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese.The Germans do caraway vodka "K├╝mmel".In India, cumin is used in almost every dish.

Cumin stimulates appetite, improves digestion, increases the secretion of bronchial mucus.

In folk medicine, cumin is used as an analgesic, anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, expectorant, cholagogue.In the treatment of gastritis, enterocolitis, intestinal colic, asthma, mastitis, heart failures, hypertension, epilepsy, chronic constipation associated with intestinal atony.

Infusions cumin seeds are used for colds, diseases of the pancreas, to increase sexual potency.Powdered roots cures caraway prostatic adenoma.

Cumin is part of the ocular drugs and powders that sharpens vision.

For insomnia, irritability, take the following composition: cumin seeds - 50 g, valerian root - 20g, Chamomile - 30 g.Infusion of fruit Cumin: pour boiling water in a ratio of 1:10, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes.Drink 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day.

Caraway oil is used in the treatment for 1-3 drops on a piece of sugar 3-4 times a day.

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