Contact dermatitis : bedsores , oznobyshi , porphyria

Contact dermatitis - a reaction of the body, which is the inflammation of the skin by direct contact with the skin of different stimuli.Among them - bedsores, oznobyshi, porphyria.What do they represent themselves?What is the cause of how to get rid?Consider the order.

Bedsores - a serious problem.Those who are faced with immobile patients, knows it is not by hearsay.Pressure sores are contact dermatitis, arise mainly from bedridden patients weakened by contact with the sheets (due to friction and pressure).Coping with pressure ulcers is not easy, but the tactics of treatment is about the same as in the diaper rash.If the daily hygienic procedures did not prevent the formation of pressure sores, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment.It is recommended to wash their antibacterial solutions (hydrogen peroxide, a weak solution of potassium permanganate) and lubricate the brilliant green or fukortsinom.And besides, with a bandage and streptocidal sintomitsinovoy liniments, Vinylinum or othe

r agents that stimulate skin regeneration.Inside the while taking medications mummy.As a rule, such measures help to accelerate the healing of pressure ulcers.

often in the elderly appear contact dermatitis due to exposure to damp cold.Therefore, such dermatitis and called oznobyshami .Their appearance contributes to living in a poorly heated rooms, lack of exercise, heart failure, asthenia.And even some professional activities such as cutting meat, fish.Lesions are located on the skin of the hands, forearms, at least - on the feet and cheeks.It stains irregularly shaped bluish-pink color against the pale "testovatoy" edema.They can also cause itching and burning.

summer disease usually subsides, and upon the occurrence of even a minor cold (up to 0 °) is easy to recur.But even in the period of the weakening of the disease the skin is dry and thin, it peels off easily irritated, prone to cracking and dystrophy of nail plates.

To prevent oznobyshey elderly well periodically take courses warm baths "pearl", coniferous, iodine-bromine, with sea salt.Or do the local baths for hands and feet with overlying decoction of flax seed, barley or oat groats (0.5 cups per 2 liters of water).After the hand baths and foot smeared with fat cream.

Some contact dermatitis can be caused by chemical irritants - acids, alkalis, fertilizers, plant protection products, detergents and washing powders.For many older people, they cause severe allergies.To prevent damage to the skin, you must strictly comply with the instructions for use of household chemicals, and at the slightest skin irritation from using them to refuse.

What is porphyria ?Most often, men treated with this problem.This disease is often among motorists.For some people, there is a genetic intolerance to products of oil refining, gasoline and engine oils that usually occurs in the second half of life, especially if the person in addition also drink alcohol.In such cases, do not even have to deal with car repairs, and simply breathe the vapors of gasoline, to appear this very serious disease symptoms.When porphyria even the slightest exposure to the sun causes severe skin lesions.In open areas it gets uneven "motley" color becomes brownish-purple, bubbles appear on it, erosion scars.

How to protect yourself from this?To prevent the disease is necessary to avoid contact with oil and gasoline, as well as completely give up alcohol.You should also avoid exposure to direct sunlight.People at risk for the development of porphyria, useful prophylactic vitamin courses (particularly B vitamins).

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