Insidious angina

Angina is often confused with colds.Often, you hear like, "Excuse me, became ill with angina."In fact, a sore throat - an infectious disease, transmitted by airborne droplets.The most common causative agent of tonsillitis are streptococci.

disease manifested by inflammation of the tonsils.And the fact that people just might be the only predisposing factor - people, and so the body is weakened and badly copes with various infections.The source of the disease - people.

Why angina is inflamed tonsils?Because they serve as a gateway for infection.And from there on the streptococcus penetrate other organs.That is why the frequent complications of tonsillitis - otitis media, for example.If angina treated properly or not treated immediately it can begin more unpleasant complications:
• rheumatism
• pyelonephritis
• glomerulonephritis.

Another big minus angina that body does not produce immunity to the infection after the disease.

Most often suffer from angina at a young age - 30 years.

Angina can not be cured folk remedies, as they like to do most.This disease can be overcome only with the help of antibiotics.Even if there is a recovery, such therapy is needed - do not forget that a sore throat can cause rheumatic fever, myocarditis, etc.

Self-administration of various drugs can also negatively affect the outcome of treatment...For example, drugs tetracycline and sulfonamides - totally useless in the treatment of angina.Because streptococci to these medicines is absolutely indifferent.Type and dose of antibiotic can choose and calculate a doctor.Since the dosage depends on the age of the patient and on what he was treated with antibiotics in the last time.Angina can not carry on their feet - it can also lead to complications, which are then much harder to treat.

mandatory for the patient to bed.The patient should be isolated from others.Power - sparing.Excluded from the diet spicy food, spices, coarse food.It is necessary to give a lot of fluid.The temperature drops only at high rates it.Prior to being more successful patient will take not less than 7 days.

different packs, warming procedures may be carried out only at normal body temperature.

very common misconception is that only one throat rinse can get rid of a sore throat.This is not true.Gargling - adjuvant therapy for angina.To rinse suitable decoctions of sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, hypericum calendula.These plants can- also be used for inhalation.Eucalyptus leaves in this case it is better to replace an oil solution.

If the treatment temperature does not rise more than 5 days and a sore throat are no longer concerned, it can be assumed that the patient recovered.

required after treatment need to take a blood and urine tests, an electrocardiogram done.Then the patient must still monitor their condition.Especially after 1-2 months.It was at this time can give nedolechennaya angina recurrence, and complications can occur.

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